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Stair lights, Led lights - Lighting for stairs

Restan is a proven and reputable manufacturer of top quality lighting products and all necessary accessories. For many years we have been making every effort to ensure that all lighting fixtures that you meet meet all the requirements for functionality, comfort and aesthetics.

Our innovative solutions, based on LED lighting, allow us to significantly reduce the cost of electricity. Replacing plain lighting with led lighting is a real shot at the spotlight - we guarantee the highest light output with the lowest possible power consumption from the mains. This allows you to enjoy excellent light quality in any room and outdoors without worrying about high electricity bills.

In our offer you will find a number of solutions that will make your home, apartment, office or warehouse lighting a completely new face. Modern lighting fixtures for individual rooms, refined modules, simple assembly and a whole host of smart and personalized LEDs,

stair lights, automatic staircase light, aluminium profile, aluminium channel, LED power supplies, stair lamps, RGBW controllers, LED bulbs, LED halogen lamps,

sensors and electrical appliances will ensure high quality Lighting, durability and reliability, regardless of the surrounding environment. Our products are manufactured using top quality components and original chips, which guarantees long-term use without concern for technical glitches and technical problems.

All our products are trouble-free to assemble and have a number of dedicated accessories so you can quickly create the necessary lighting fixtures ready to be mounted on a selected surface. Among our products are staircase lighting, representative and utility rooms, exterior building elements and any other space that needs adequate lighting. In our catalog of unique solutions you can find highly energy-efficient lighting solutions with a lifetime of up to 100,000. Hours.

Restan is not only an excellent lighting product and a great choice, but also professional and professional service. If you do not find solutions that meet your individual needs, please contact us. We are able to match our lighting solutions to the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Our consultants provide professional support at every stage of order placement and also during subsequent use of our lighting.

All ordered in our online shop we pack products in a safe and easy way to transport and ship as soon as possible. Shipping is possible both in Poland and abroad. The quality and reliability of our products have already been appreciated by users in any latitude. We invite you to get acquainted with the rich offer of our innovative and technologically advanced lighting solutions.

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  • 16 stairs - A set of stairs lighting - lighting width 90 cm

    16 stairs - A set of stairs lighting - lighting width 90 cm

    A set of stairs lighting - LED strips using. The set includes - - The intelligent controller to the stairs - - Motion…
    237.20 Euro
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  • GIP, profile, B4574 profile, GIP klus profile, GIP channel,  profil led, profil led IP67, profil led alu, led profiles,

    Profil LED GIP - Anodized aluminum

    Important Information The purchase a piece in the store means the purchase 1 linear meter of the profile or cover If you want to buy a profile that has a length of 2 meters you have to buy 2 pieces, 3 meters you have to buy 3 pieces, and the multitude…
    4.57 Euro
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