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Led strip RGB + W, RGBW

Led strip RGB + W, RGBW
RGBW LED strips have forced themselves on the lighting market and meet all the conditions to successfully stay on it for a long time. LED is the miniaturization of elements = precision illumination, focused beam of light, long life - up to 50 thousand. hours of light, resistance to damage, ecology, and ease of operation. LED technology is ideal for the modern electrical installations.

The strip itself is made of durable plastic, which is not terrible pollution, or water. It is to guarantee strength and adequate opportunities for interior design, for example. Marked places to cut to precisely fit a strip for achieving the nooks and crannies.

On the strip are placed modules in each of 3 separate LEDs. The entire spool measures 5m, every meter is 60 or 30 LEDs, depending on the options selected. LED light source to illuminate any space pozwają all colors interchangeably with warm or cold white. Many people assumed the premises of two bands next to each other. Through a combination of LEDs on a single bar, we gain the place, making it easier for each installation, and use a typical cost-effective solution in financial terms. Products vary in tightness class. From IP20 for dry interiors to IP67, where the humidity is high or in contact with water may be common.

As apparent from the foregoing words, the overriding function of the led strip RGBW is decorating the space it illuminates. Its use is very broad. With controllers, router, amplifiers, pilot aluminum LED profiles, which also have to offer, is only and exclusively enjoy the resultant effect created remote-controlled lighting system.

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