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Lighting the stairs - how complete the required elements

If you plan to create a unique atmosphere of your home, you can not forget about lighting. We have for you an original proposal lighting the stairs. The use of our solution that will make your stairs are not only functional but also cost through the use of LED technology.

We will advise you in a few stepshow complete the necessary kit to achieve the effect shown below.

First you need to determine how many points you plan to install lighting. The light source shall be:

- LED strip
- LED bulb
12V AC powered

it will be necessary for the selection of adequate and driver model for you.

Stair lighting effect led strip or led bulb can be seen in the following films



If you decide to tape led, I can advise you that the best effect is obtained by using light-based LED strip SMD3528 diode, which has 60 LEDs in one meter of the current. Depending on the arrangement of the interior use two colors - warm white and cool white.

Led strips warm white waterproof EPISTAR diodes

If you choose to LED bulbs, remember that the bulbs have a standard viewing angle of 120 degrees. We pay attention to our customers that the staircase lighting effect can be achieved using LED bulbs with appropriate lenses. We use of the lenses that focus light bulb 30 degrees. This is a very good effect of the column of light that illuminates the entire level and not just the area around the wall.

Led bulb 30 degrees EPISTAR

Then select the method of starting the controller, we have several options to choose from ::

- Motion sensor



motion sensorMontion sensor passiveThe motion sensor / twilight 140 °, 0-600 in JQ-20L OR-CR-205


- infrared barrier

infrared barrierinfrared barrier tamand quality


- Doorbell the power switch

- Extra dedicated motion sensor

Depending on the use of light sources, we choose for you the optimum power.
power supply mw-35 mw-50 mw-75 mean well

 The solution is simple montage, but remember the correct preparation of the electrical system. For more details please contact us.

This amazing effect you have already in your home for about 250 euro.

If you have any questions about the system, write or call to give you additional information.

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