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Installation of stairs lighting

For stair lighting to be functional, long-lasting, and impressive, it is important not only to make the right choice, but also to properly install it. If we decide on LED solutions, we can install the lighting ourselves. They are easy to install, with which even a non-professional person can handle.

Lighting of stairs before installation should be properly planned. The point is that the whole stairwell is properly lit and ensures safe movement of all the users of the building. Therefore, we are increasingly choosing solutions for leds, especially lighting sets, which allow separate illumination of each step. Installation of this type of set is quite simple. The led strip sticks to the front of the steps on the riser so that the tape does not obstruct the daily movement of the stairs. The straps are quite durable, so you do not have to worry that their accidental kick will cause any damage.

You can install the staircase lighting yourself

After mounting the LED strips at all stages, it is necessary to program the connected controller and motion sensors together and dusk. Only then will the lighting set be complete and operate reliably. Installation of the controller and sensors is also easy and intuitive. The lighting kit is supplied with all necessary components and accessories, as well as a user manual which explains step by step how to install the components.

Installation as needed

When installing a led light on the stairs, make sure it is individually tailored to your needs. And the led sets give you such a possibility - you can cut to size the led strips, put them on every step or step, and you can also attach the straps or led panels to the handrails to increase the safety of the staircase. Unlike traditional lighting, LED lighting fixtures can be mounted in many different ways - all depends on the needs of the users. As with the installation, the same lighting programming is an individual matter. One and the same set of lighting on different staircases can function quite differently due to the possibility of personalized programming it. Lights can be lit constantly or only when people are walking up the stairs. At the end of the day, they may be completely off or have a dim light.

Effortless and extremely fast assembly

Lighting installation on the stairs does not require advanced repair work. Everything can be done quickly and efficiently one day. Due to that, you can enjoy an interesting lighting arrangement that will create a unique ambience in the staircase and will add charm to your home. LED lighting is reliable, durable, durable and resistant to damage - this is the best way to get a light source that will illuminate stairs for a long time.

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