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LEd strip - with chip

LEd strip - with chip Modern led strip with integrated PCU is a proposition for people who are looking for long-lasting, effective and technologically advanced lighting solutions. The tapes are available in different densities of diodes as well as in different colors. Thanks to that, you can adjust them perfectly to your own needs. They also have different levels of waterproofness - outside the interior they can also be installed on the property or even on the yacht. They will work efficiently even with large exposure to moisture. In the interior they will work wherever an additional source of light is needed. They can be installed in bathrooms around mirrors, shelves or showers, in the kitchen as lighting of worktops, as well as in other interiors as lighting of furniture, sites, paintings on the wall, cornices, alcoves or in the attic. There are quite a lot of applications. The tapes can be selected perfectly matched power supplies or profiles that will work with them at the highest level.

LED strips are durable, durable and functional, thanks to which they ensure trouble-free operation for a long time. They can be combined in many ways with other elements of the lighting system, such as controllers and dimmers. The tapes are easy to assemble and flexible, they can be successfully adapted to any surface. A significant advantage of this lighting solution is also energy efficiency - LED strips do not consume much energy from the electricity grid, so they allow you to save a lot on electricity bills.
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