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Illuminate living room – Tips & Ideas

Illuminate living room – Tips & Ideas


The living room is the room in the house where you spend most of your time. Therefore, as a rule, a lot of care is also taken in the furnishing of this room. Together with high-quality floor coverings, tasteful curtains and decorative objects, beautiful m öbel form a harmonious unit of which one can be proud.


However, the lighting is often too short and in many living roomsyou will only find a simple ceiling light in the room, additional light sources are dispensed with. But especially with a clever lighting you can create a great atmosphere and give the room a special charm in the evening.


Illuminate ceiling in living room


A well-planned ceiling lighting is the basic prerequisite for the illumination of the living room. Pendant lamps are popular because there are many beautiful models with a highdecorative value, which can be wonderfully combined with the furnishing style. When choosing the pendant luminaire, however, it is important to ensure that you can achieve a diffused light.


The choice of lampshade significantly influences thedispersion of the light. Lampshades made of bright, shimmering fabric or glass allow a wide scattering of light, while lampshades made of impenetrable materials such as wood blow the light downwards.


An alternative for ceiling lighting are spotlights, which can be very attractive, especially to a modern interior. The spotlights can be placed in the middle of the room and aligned to achieve perfect illumination.


If you have a covered ceiling in the living room, you can also opt for recessed spotlights, which can be cleverly placed so that good general lighting is created. It should be noted, however, that a space of at least 30 cm between the ceiling and the suspended ceiling is needed to install such spotlights.


Special living room lighting


Often you want to illuminate special areas in the living room separately, for example to provide bright light in a reading corner . A floor lamp that is right next to the reading chair can be a good solution for this. In this area, the light should not be diffuse, but blocked. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the correct lampshade even with such a floor lamp.


The lamp should provide bright light for reading, while the rest of theroom is not affected. So it is possible that one person can read in the living room, while other people are not disturbed by bright light .


A floor lamp is a good solution if you have enough space in the room . However, if you want to save space, you can also install a wall lamp in the reading corner instead of the floor lamp, with which a similar effect can be achieved. The illuminated lamp is also important for a reading lamp. White light of around 5,000 Kelvin is best suited for concentrated reading.


If there is a dining table in the living room, it also needs special lighting, which is then switched onwhen eating at the table or pursuing other activities. A pendant lamp can provide an excellent solution.


The lamp should hang low enough above the table to provide good illumination over the entire table area. The lampshade should not be light-transmitted. So you can avoid that people sitting at the table are blinded by the light. Such a pendant lamp can also be used over the table with theupholstered set, if additional light is desired there .


Light as a mood maker in the living room


light is not only functional, but can also be used to influence the voicein space. In addition to basic lighting and zone lighting it is also about placing light in the living room in such a way that beautiful accents can be set that create indirect light. Such mood lighting is important if you want to transform your own living room into a well-being in which you can relax perfectly after work.


Indirect light means that light from the lighting body does not penetrate directly into the room. Rather, it is blasted against the ceiling, a wall or the floor, from where it is then reflected into the room. Beautiful accents can be achieved, for example, by illuminating certain objects in the room. This can be, for example, a picture or another art object.


plant lights, which are available in different designs, are another way to give the room a special charm. A group of succulents, a room palm or a flowering plant can be gently surged by such a lightand bring a touch of nature into the room.


LED profiles - the modern way to decorate with light


LED technology has made it particularly easy today to use individual lighting concepts in the living room. The LED strips can be laid in aluminium profiles, into which they can be easily glued in with a self-adhesive back. The profiles protect the stripes and also derive the currencies.


LED profiles can be attached to cupboards and shelves to create soft, indirect lighting. However, there are also interesting ways to install the profiles at the angle between wall and ceiling and thus distribute light evenly in the room. The Led Stripes can also be used well to illuminate certain objects.


RGB LED bulb provides atmospheric living comfort


RGB LED lamps use three different light-emitting diodes in the colors red, green and blue, so that it is possible to mix the light in different ways. So you can adjust the lighting of the living room to the respective mood. This is based on a technology that can be compared to a computer monitor


You can choose from unparalleled colors and bathe the living room in sea blue or delicate violet, depending onyour mood. Such diodes are economical in energy consumption and can also light up for up to 10,000 hours.


Smart control of living room lighting


If you want to take advantage of the variety of lighting options available today for the living room, you have a number of light sources in the room, which of course have to be switched on and off as desired . That's whyit's worth thinking about smart lighting operation.


For example, an app makes it possible to control the lighting from a smartphone, and Alexa and Google Home also make it possible to control the light without having to rise from the chair.




If you only have a ceiling lamp in your living room, you will miss out on unique possibilities to create lighting concepts that are both functional and decorative. Living room lighting can provide a lot of mood and can be used as a decorative element with which you can give the living room an individual look, with which you feel comfortable and will also delight guests.


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