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A few words about LED technology

The LED is a semiconductor device manufacturing DC light. The LED consists of a diode chip contained within a housing made of plastic, epoxy, resin or ceramic. Housing can be in various shapes and sizes to help identify the parameters of different types of diodes. Typically used additional optical device controls the light in the form of lenses mounted on the housing with epoxy resin. The final performance of the optical system depends on the size and the size of the diode, the lens configuration and the distance from the diode to the lens.

Just as important as controlling the effect of the optical system is the design using LEDs, which requires prudent design issues related to the dissipation of heat. The coefficient of light to thermal energy emitted by the LEDs is much higher than for incandescent light sources. In view of what they produce significant amounts of heat. This unnecessary heat is removed from the diode with heat sink. LEDs are extremely sensitive to temperature diode connecting the inner and the excess heat can shorten the life of diodes and cause it to malfunction.

Proper operation requires the use of diode current, normally provided by the driver converts the alternating current permanent. This driver must be properly matched to the diode, which it supplies, because the improper selection of the best-case scenario will result in low light, further reducing the lifetime of the LEDs or will cause repeated failures of the system. The driver must also protect the diode against power fluctuations that can cause damage. The controller can provide far-reaching control level and enable LED dimming to 0% and for the use of a set of LEDs of different colors you can use the DMX technology combined with light mixing console and providing opportunities for the creation of extremely complex lighting effects.

LEDs are characterized by a reasonable efficiency in the form of electrical quantities understood lumens per watt (eg power connected to the driver compared to the power of light produced by an LED). This performance is still raised, but still not comparable to the high values ​​achieved by the technology of gas discharge lamp.

LED so it is not really a source of light because it comes as a complete optical system to be mounted in the housing.

The light produced by the LED is monochromatic, and his color is dependent on the materials used in manufacturing LEDs. The range of colors of light extends from red through orange, yellow, green on the blue ending. In order to obtain white light, different methods are used. The best in terms of quality of light method is to use yellowish phosphor coating, the principles of operation is similar to that in the case of fluorescent lamps. It is called the method of reducing phosphorus. However, the use of phosphorous reduces the efficiency of the system.

LED packages can also be designed for the manufacture of mixed light, using 3 or more LEDs of different colors (eg, a mixture of red, yellow, green and blue) or by multi-color LEDs containing two or more chips of different colors in one box epoxy. Such systems work best in the entertainment industry or applications requiring a change of color of light, when used it should be careful not to affect the wider environment. This may be because, although they produce white light, however, is produced by mixing two or more monochromatic sources. Such a situation can lead to poor color reproduction.

An additional aspect to consider is the fact that the production of LEDs is extremely difficult to maintain constant color parameters, especially in the case of white light. If you used a random set of white LEDs in nominal terms, please note that they differ among themselves. In order to reduce the negative effects of this situation, apply process named koszykowaniem in which the LEDs are ordered against a similar color. If you use grupo LEDs or LED fixtures use, make sure that they came from the same shopping cart and provide a uniform appearance.

When buying diodes both as batch components to the chassis or as a complete luminaire can be supplied in various configurations, from single LEDs to form clusters or linear. LEDs can be supplied complete with or without auxiliary lenses. This method provides the flexibility of their application, the configuration is chosen so as to fit the structure inside of which will be used.

The advantage of using LED technology is a relatively long period of operation of the systems, manufacturers provide many hours working range of up to 50,000, should be taken into account the reducing agents. Since the LED can work very long amount of light will decrease over time. Therefore, especially in critical applications, in particular, emergency lighting, be sure that the installation at the end of life produces enough light. Reducing the power of lighting is usually the result of the disappearance of case color LEDs over time. The loss amount of lumens and life is different for different manufacturers, there are also differences in terms of colors, so every time you refer to the data supplied by the manufacturer.

The main advantage of LEDs is their small size and long life. This makes it ideal for creating lighting effects where the hidden light is used to create a specific atmosphere.


* Road signs and traffic lights,
* the entertainment industry,
* Emergency lighting,i
* illumination ,
* housing.

Uled to be out doing a remarkable impression LED installations, illuminates the LEDs, houses, commercial and cultural areas as well as the exterior of buildings. In addition, because the light produced by LEDs is "cold", this has great advantages in applications where the heat generated by the museum from the light source could lead to considerable damage to exhibits. One obstacle to this type of application is the monochromatic nature of LEDs, with the exception of white LED phosphor.

Currently, LED technology may also find application in general lighting such as street lighting. However, remember that lighting based on LEDs should not be used in any situation.

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