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Factor CRI

What is CRI? Abbreviation CRI (Color Rendering Index) means "color rendering index" and is the factor determining the extent to which certain colors reflect light, or the extent to which a red apple is actually red in the light in which they observe. The scale of this factor ranges from 0-100. A value of 0 is specified for monochromatic light (a light color), while values ​​above indicate white light and its degree of real commitment colors. The higher the CRI, the better, considering that for sunlight CRI = 100 and is the most beneficial to the human eye. Selecting from a variety of bulbs, it is worth paying attention to the CRI. Lighting with a smaller ratio may be cheaper, but it means that they were made of cheaper components, which in turn may bother our eyes and give a false reflection of colors far from the natural colors.

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