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LED Profiles, Aluminium Channels & Extrusions

LED Profiles, Aluminium Channels & Extrusions, ability to obtain a line of light


We offer led profiles, led extrustions for LED strips, led strips and modules, aluminum, line of light effect, led strips and led profiles – interior and exterior lighting.


We offer a wide range of led profile categories tailored to the expectations of users.


- Stairs extrusions, profiles


The series of profiles for the stairs allows for the optimal adjustment of the led profile to the planned lighting effect. We offer profiles for mounting in a cutter in the riser, mounted on the "nose" of the step using dedicated fasteners, angular for lighting the step at an angle of 45 degrees, placed on the riser (equipped with anti-slip cords).

LED strips for stairs include both profiles for individual and commercial applications.

At the customer's request, we are able to seal each profile from this series in the IP67 standard.

aluminium extrusions, extruded aluminium

- Handrails Led Extrusions Profiles


We offer LED profies, channels for handrails and balustrades made of both wood and stainless steel (tube diameter 42 and 50 mm). The system for the stainless steel handrails allows the manufacture of handrails and balustrades in the IP67 standard. We also make, in consultation with the client, ready-made handrails, balustrades with an installed profile and a light source (all in accordance with the provided technical specification), we offer satin and polished stainless steel handrails.


8020 aluminium, aluminium channels


- Plaster in, trimless extrusions, profiles


A wide range of profiles for installation in plasterboards includes LED extrusions with a line width of light from 10 to 100mm. The installation depth of the shallowest profiles is 9.5 mm (OPAC-30), often called the last-chance profile in plasterboard assembly. All models allow you to obtain the effect of a line of light (using the aperture recommended by us and properly selected led strip). Unique black shutters are available for most models, which allow for an avant-garde lighting arrangement. For most models, we offer fittings that allow easy connection of profiles at an angle of 90, 135 degrees, in the ceiling-wall arrangement, etc. Dedicated connectors allow for precise joining of elements. We also have system fasteners that allow you to connect the power supply to the LED strips through assembly lines. At the request of customers, for an additional fee, we paint profiles in any color from the RAL palette and seal them in the IP44, 56 or even IP67 standard (depending on the model of the LED channels).


t slot aluminum, aluminum u channel


- LED profiles, extrusions with space for a power supply (to create LED lamps and light lines)


The compartment for the LED power supply is a special feature that distinguishes this group of profiles. Often we do not want or we do not have the option to place the power supply in a separate place. Keep in mind that safe LED lamps have 12 or 24V light sources. Among the models offered, you will find models for mounting on the wall, ceiling, assembly lines. Shining only down, but also down and up (in both directions). Systems based on profiles with a compartment for a power supply allow the construction of dedicated LED lamps, LED luminaires, LED compositions. As in the case of plasterboard profiles, we offer profile painting in any color from the RAL palette. We can also seal the selected model to IP44, 56 or even IP67.


aluminum profile, led strip diffuser


- Shadow Gap Extrusion Aluminium


A popular form of emphasizing the lines of walls and ceilings is the lighting of rims and niches. When planning this series of profiles, engineers focused on practical, easy and durable installation of LED strips as well as subsequent use. By assumption, the assembly and disassembly of the LED strip in this series is to be simple, maintenance-free and the visual effect is sensational. The simplicity of this system allows the interior to be arranged even by less experienced installers - so that everyone can do it on their own.


aluminium c channel, aluminum extrusion profiles


- Extrusion, profiles glass


LED lighting for glass or acrylic shelves is not easy. First of all, glass is heavy and requires a strong grip, dedicated chambers are required to place the led strips to ensure adequate heat dissipation. The whole thing must have the appropriate visual and arrangement qualities. Our profiles are adapted to glass with a thickness of 5 to 11.90 mm. This gives a wide range of possibilities. Our profiles can be mounted both on the wall and in a hanging position, creating glass and light arrangements.


led profiles, led channel


- For Building Suspended Ceilings with Plasterboard


Backlighting stretch ceilings with the use of led strips has never been so easy. The FOLED system we offer for such ceilings is a complete solution that takes into account various variants of planned compositions: wall lighting, central lighting, mixed lighting and a whole range of indirect solutions. The LED profiles designed by a team of practicing engineers facilitate and accelerate the assembly, which makes the time of the work shorter and more effective.


low profile ceiling light, led strip light diffuser


- Plaster in bathroom extrusions, profiles


The latest lighting trends in bathrooms, kitchens, corridors and other rooms finished with ceramic, marble or granite tiles indicate that LED lighting is placed on the edges of external or internal walls. LED lighting of such places, the use of appropriate profiles is difficult. Profiles dedicated to under-tile installation facilitate work and provide the expected visual effect after their installation.


8020 aluminum extrusion, ed strip channel


- Outdoor extrusions, profiles


We specialize in making profiles ready for installation in cobblestones and driveways. We make lighting based on HR-LINE profiles - extrustions can have a length of 20 m to 300 cm. We prepare profiles with the color of light ordered by the client. We also offer additional accessories helpful during assembly, such as: underlay foam, hermetic boxes and joints, hermetic LED power supplies.

aluminum extrusion t slot, aluminum led channel

LED profiles, LED extrusions are the most effective way to instantly and uncompromisingly illuminate virtually any room and surface. The above-mentioned led profiles can be used for decorative and functional lighting of stairs, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms or handrails, both inside and outside the facility. We offer many different models of LED strips and channels, I think you will certainly find the ones that will best suit your dream home and its arrangement - modern or traditional. We encourage you to carefully familiarize yourself with our offer!


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