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Have stairs made – with individual cladding

Have stairs made – with individual cladding


If a staircase is to be built or renovated from the ground up, you need stairs that fit exactly. In most cases, this means that a carpenter must be appointed to measure the steps and then make them. Today, however, there is another possibility. Some companies offer custom-made stairs that can be ordered online. As a rule, savings can be achieved, which one is happy about when renovating.


Renovate stairs yourself with custom-made steps


If you can save the costs for craftsmen, the total costs for the renovation can be significantly reduced.  If new stairs are needed, custom work must of course be done. The wood must be cut to fit perfectly on the stairs. As a hobby craftsman, you usually have neither the necessary knowledge nor the appropriate tools.


It is a good solution to have the stairs made of wood custom-made. This gives you high-quality processed steps that are ready for assembly. In order to attach the steps to the stairs, only a little skill is required and the work can be carried out without any problems. If you want to carry out the staircase renovation on your own, tailor-made stairs offer the best way to do so.


Why wooden stairs?


Real wood always creates a homely, warm atmosphere the same time looks noble. That's why steps are also real wood an upgrade for the house. In addition, wood has the advantage that it fits every style of living. By choosing the type of wood or applying stain, the color of the steps can be determined so that the steps can be seamlessly integrated into existing room concepts.


Natural materials are once again in high demand today. Even in modern rooms, wood is therefore a material that always looks suitable and beautiful. With wooden steps you are therefore always right. Wooden steps provide an excellent way to upgrade old stairs.


Stairs made of many types of wood


The choice of the type of wood for the stairs is an important decision. The different types of wood have different colors and grains, which significantly influence the character of the staircase. If you order the stairs, you have a large selection of different types of wood. From light woods, such as pine and beech, to dark walnut or mahogany, a wood can be chosen that fits well with the style of the house. Especially if a wooden floor is also installed in the living area, you should carefully coordinate the wood for the stepping steps with the floor.


The durability and resistance of the stairs are also influenced by the choice of wood type. If you opt for a step made of pine or larch, you get a soft wood, as it will wear out over time. If, on the other hand, you opt for oak or teak, you get resistant steps made of a hard wood that can remain beautiful for decades to come.


The choice of wood type is of course also a question of price. Me is tens you set yourself a budget when renovating and therefore like to buy cheaply. A step made of walnut or wenge can cost twice as much as a step made of pine. Steps made of oak can offer a compromise solution. The wood is beautiful and durable and the steps are available in a medium price range.


Determine exact dimensions and edge shape


Before ordering the steps, it is important to measure the stairs accurately so that the new steps fit perfectly. The depth, length and width of the step must be determined and it is important to also choose the desired thickness of the step.


Also with the edge of the step you have the choice. Stairs are available with a rounded edge or with a chamfered or broken edge. When buying, it is advisable to also pay attention to whether the wood has already been treated. Stairs can be oiled or stained. If the stages are not covered, you have to do this work yourself later. Oil, stain and glaze help to protect the steps from moisture and other environmental influences and are important to achieve a long shelf life.


Wood is a natural material that contains branches and cracks. These underline the natural character of the material and ensure that each staircase is unique. Here, too, you will find different processing options. In most cases, these natural defects are cemented dark so that they are clearly visible, but a glare surface is created. However, if you want a characterful, rustic staircase, you can also order the stairs with open branches and thus achieve a special design effect.


Planning and carrying out lighting of the stairs


As the staircase is renovated, it is also time to check the lighting once. Stairs always pose a risk of accidents in the house and especially in the evening you can stumble quickly if you do not see where you are stepping on a poorly lit staircase. Therefore, a reasonable lighting concept is an important point to implement during the renovation.


There are several ways to illuminate stairs. Wall luminaires that are blindly shield dare among the classic solutions. There are small wall lamps in many designs, so that beautiful models can be found for every furnishing style.


A clever solution are modern LED stripes, which can be installed either under any stair step or on the wall above each step. The stripes are self-adhesive and are therefore particularly easy to assemble. You can perfectly illuminate each step and give the staircase a high degree of security.


However, the lighting of the stairs is more than just a safety precaution. With the LED stripes, a great effect can be achieved, which gives the room a special atmosphere. With the step lighting, the stairs seem to shrink and can become a focal point in the room. The LED stripes are also characterized by a very low power consumption, so that you can turn on the stair light quietly throughout the night.




When it's time to renovate the stairs, there are several options. For example, you can glue ugly stairs and make them attractive again. However, a solid wooden step offers a look that can hardly be surpassed. If you have stairs made to measure from H olz, the renovation project can be carried out easily and high-quality.



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