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Stair lighting LED - width 30 cm

Stair lighting LED - width 30 cm
Staircase lighting kits, dedicated to the lighting of the stairs - the planned width of 30cm lighting.
Each set consists of:
- the controller staircase
- 2 pieces of motion sensors / twilight
- appropriate amount of strip led (in rolls of 5 meters shielded gel)
- Properly selected PSU
Deciding to light 30 cm width get the effect of discrete illumination riser. With this wide lighting, consider using aluminum profiles to hide the strip led, as the supply lines may be visible at the sides of the riser.


Stair lighting stair lamps

Welcome to the store where you will find the best stair lighting options that will work well in any interior. Regardless of the style of stairs and interior design, the stair lighting we offer will complement the interior and make it look very unique. With our customers in mind, we have prepared a rich product offer, including floor lighting, motion sensors, floodlights, stair lamps, LED fixtures and many others. We offer each piece of equipment at an attractive price and allow you to easily choose the best solutions.

Get inspired and create a unique interior

The staircase lighting available in our offer can also be an inspiration for many people. From the proposed solutions, it is easy to choose the one whose introduction into the interior will refresh the arrangement and add modernity to any space. Additionally, together with our stair lamps, we offer the necessary assembly accessories and instructions. Thanks to this, you can build the entire lighting system yourself.

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Lighting sets of stairs - width 30 cm

Lighting of the stairs excels wherever it is difficult to install traditional ceiling lamps and sconces. LED strips provide subtle illumination of each stage, so you move up the stairs will be comfortable and safe. Deciding to highlight stairs using tapes led to keep in mind that they should be located on every level. Yes, there are investors who illuminate every second degree or even less frequently, but both visual effect and functional in this case is quite poor. The stair lighting should be provided with each step. The only way you can get maximum security.

Width 30 cm provides soft lighting

Lighting of stairs with a width of 30 cm is for people who depend on a delicate highlighted the riser. This ensures easy set width of the light that will ensure safe use of the stairs, and at the same time make the staircase will be interesting and charming character. Kits for lighting can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Especially good for the stairs leading to the second floor and the stairs in the garden or on the terrace. Especially outdoor lighting Stair is a better alternative to traditional lanterns, as eliminate the risk of tripping on the steps in poor light conditions.

Kits adapted to the different number of steps

The company Restan find kits for lighting the stairs with a width of 30 cm matched to the different amounts of the stairs. The minimum number of stages, which are designed for 30-inch sets to 6 pieces and the maximum is up to 20 pieces. Regardless of whether you have a small staircase leading to the porch, and a large staircase leading to the next floor, we offer you can easily find kits suited to the number of stages, so that each step on the stairs was the same way highlighted. Regardless of the number of illuminated stairs, lighting sets LED does not consume much power, are energy efficient, and the LEDs - even when operating at full power - consume very little electricity. LED lighting kits are therefore an excellent alternative to traditional lighting.

It should buy aluminum profiles

In the case of lighting sets a width of 30 cm width of light is rather low, which may cause the sides of the riser may be visible power cables. To improve the visual effect and ensure the safety of users of the stairs, it is worth the kits with a width of 30 cm to consider re-buy aluminum profiles, which hide all that are on display cables. Elegant profiles perfectly blend into the background and are virtually unnoticeable to the environment.

Why bet on a complete set instead of buying individual lighting components separately?

Set for lighting the stairs with a width of 30 cm is functional and complete - includes everything that is necessary to install lighting on the stairs and immediately use it. Self-adjusting the individual components to the lighting carries the risk of incorrect fitting, for example, power supply, which will result in problems with the operation of the lighting. By purchasing a complete set do not have to individually choose your individual elements necessary to illuminate the stairs. You also have the assurance that all components are perfectly matched and dedicated to other devices, so that everything will work correctly and flawlessly.

When ordering a set of lighting staircase of a dedicated width of 30 cm will receive:

1. Smart controller stair

Modern and intelligent control device offers a range of possibilities, so you can adjust the operation of the lighting staircase to the individual needs of users. The controller allows you to set the backlight from a few to up to 20 steps. The device can be programmed in many ways - it can extinguish and light up light or permanently change the light intensity depending on whether one is on the stairs or not. As a result, the stairs are not in use, the light may be very dim and almost unnoticeable. The controller can also be programmed to shine either all the points of light, or only the extreme points. The possibilities are a whole lot, everything depends entirely on what the needs of people using the stairs every day.

Although the stair controller is an advanced, its programming on the relevant parameters is seamless and should not cause problems even people who have not yet had to deal with such devices. If selected for the first time programming of lighting options do not meet users' expectations, the staircase controller can quickly and efficiently reprogrammed.

Two smart sensors: motion and twight

With sensors stair lighting will not only be eye-catching and functional, but also energy efficient. Modern, high-tech sensors react to movement and the changing ambient lighting. As a result, stair lighting will turn on automatically when someone enters the stairs, and when it is not enough daylight. The sensors are very sensitive, so do not need to worry that the lights will turn on only when you will be in the middle of the stairs. The light on the steps of turns before it gets the first step. With motion sensors and dusk lighting stair ensure the safety of users, while not activated unnecessarily. This can save a lot of electricity - that which marnowałaby in situations where the stairs would be lit around the clock, even when no one would have not used.

Motion sensors are dedicated to intelligent controllers. One of the obvious advantages is the ability to regulate the operation range, so it can be tailored to the individual needs of the residents. You can set the sensor so that the staircase is illuminated by just before the entrance to them, but you can also set the sensitivity to light stair turn on when you will be away for a few meters. The motion sensor ensures trouble-free operation in varying environmental conditions. Wide range of resistance to changing temperature and humidity ensures efficient operation at any time of the year. The sensor operates flawlessly also at subzero temperatures, making it possible to use it as the lighting of the stairs on the outside.

3. Seamless mount led strips

LED strip is not only functional, but also completely safe to use. It is self-adhesive, waterproof and very easy to install. The strip of LED can be installed yourself, without calling experts. LEDs are placed at equal intervals, and three LED strip can be cut-safe way, which will not affect the durability and functionality in a later action. This allows you to adjust the length of the tape to the individual needs.

The tape led consists of the highest quality diodes, resistors and selected good PCB laminate. All these components are bolted together to result in a product which ensures trouble-free use of the tape for a long time, even for years. Tape LED is durable and resistant to mechanical damage, for a very long time, it looks exactly like right after installation. The tape is also one hundred percent safe for the users, do not pose a threat even after accidentally stepping, as in the case of mounting the stairs happens quite often.

Tape designed for mounting on the stairs is momochromatyczna - available colors are warm white or cool white. Warm white shade ideally suited in the interiors of classic or traditional stylized, while cool white perfectly fit in the modern room. LED strip ideally suited to illuminate both the wooden stairs and steps made of metal, plastic or glass. Every time the effect will be twofold. First of all - a very good illumination of each step, and secondly - an interesting complement the decor.

4. High-quality power supply

The power supply module designed for tape led comes from one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality power supplies. The product meets all required quality standards, which are placed on power supplies led to modern tapes. The power supply is functional, durable and long-lived, ensures trouble-free operation Stairway lighting for a long time and without any faults.

All the elements that are included in the set are made of high quality materials and plastics, providing safety, comfort and safety of everyday use. Lighting stair kits with a width of 30 cm is a reliable, functioning regardless of the weather, react to changing environmental conditions and most of all - provides comfort and convenience of people who regularly use the stairs. Even more - it is not only effective, but also effective. Illuminated stairs looks great after dark. Such a decorative effect can not guarantee any traditional form of lighting.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer stair lighting.

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