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Staircase Lighting - Ledix

Staircase Lighting - Ledix
Luminaires Ledix is an innovative series of intelligent LED lighting manufacturer has set itself the goal of ultimate comfort and a unique qualities of light, this effect was achieved through the use of selected high-quality LEDs. Each LED luminaire is equipped with CREE LEDs.
Cooperation with an excellent team of designers has resulted in style, which allows the use of LED fixtures to illuminate not only the steps but also to arrange any type of lighting in the rooms (room, hallway, bathroom, living room).


oprawa led moza, LED luminaire MOZA, LED-Leuchte MOZA, LED svítidlo MOZA, Светодиодный светильник MOZA

LED luminaire - MOZA - radio

42.68 Euro
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oprawa led moza, LED luminaire MOZA, LED-Leuchte MOZA, LED svítidlo MOZA, Светодиодный светильник MOZA

LED luminaire - MOZA - 230V

36.06 Euro
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oprawa led muNa, LED luminaire MUNA, LED-Leuchte MUNA, LED svítidlo MUNA, Светодиодный светильник MUNA

LED luminaire - MUNA - radio

42.68 Euro
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oprawa led MUNA, LED luminaire MUNA, LED-Leuchte MUNA, LED svítidlo MUNA, Светодиодный светильник MUNA  oprawa led MUNA,

LED luminaire - MUNA - 230V

36.06 Euro
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oprawa led muNa, LED luminaire MUNA, LED-Leuchte MUNA, LED svítidlo MUNA, Светодиодный светильник MUNA

LED luminaire - MUNA - radio

42.68 Euro
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Long work on LED luminaires resulted in a product that has great functionality. In addition to the basic products of the models feature a built-in motion sensor, emergency battery backup, built-in radio receivers to cooperate with the product group "EXTA FREE". Certain models of LED luminaires can work with the control system, "DALI" through the use of specially prepared controllers.

Such a wide range version allows an unlimited number of architectural solutions - arrangement tailored to the individual needs of investor. The luminaires are available in two versions, 14V and 230V power supply, a unique solution is the ability to use the power of the photovoltaic power lighting kit. The manufacturer has also taken care of is that the housing can be used under conditions of high humidity, the selected LED fixtures have a coefficient of resistance to moisture - IP56.

Ledix luminaires range of applications increased by the fact that most models are designed for surface mounting and mounting holes and installation boxes with a diameter of 60 mm. A variety of colors of the material from which they are made, and the color of the light emitted emphasize the high quality and wide range of applications.

Luminaires Ledix is an innovative series of intelligent LED lighting intended for outdoor lighting design enclosures. The main objective was to create a producer of the highest quality lighting providing unique qualities of light. Supreme comfort was even a priority. The result, we were able to get passed all expectations, and it is all thanks to the carefully selected LEDs characterized by good quality. It is worth noting that every LED luminaire is equipped with high-quality LEDs produced by CREE.

​​​​​​​The company's products Ledix can be divided into eight different subgroups: MOZA, MUNA, TERA, TICO, TIMO, RUBI, NAVI and SONA, which differ from each other, taking into account the use, design and functionality. The Ledix is nearly a thousand high-quality products created by the best professionals.

There's no denying that in order to obtain a product that is presented here in this place, were needed years of specialists from many different fields. It was not enough just to create a good quality of lighting. What was needed was the elegant setting, which ideally will be set in modern interior design. That is why the manufacturer has partnered with an outstanding team of designers. The joint action resulted in the creation of an unusual design, thanks to which it is possible to use the product, not only on the stairs, but also to arrange emergency lighting in any given room, usually in the room type of room or living room, or even in the hallway or bathroom. Long work on the development of the product has paid off. It created an article characterized by great functionality and extremely high quality, which is perfectly able to find in each room and successfully survive several years of use.

As a result, multi-level cooperation in addition to the basic product has managed to create the products a bit more complex. These include models that have a built can motion sensor, emergency battery back-up, built-in radio receivers which allow for continuous cooperation with the product group "EXTA FREE". For those interested in creating design-driven is also worth mentioning that certain models of LED luminaires can without any problem to work with professional control system "DALI" through the use of specialized dedicated drivers. A large number of different products allows you to create various structures arrangement adapted to even the most sophisticated needs. Base products Ledix can realize even the most sophisticated concepts.

A wide range of various products allow you to perform an unlimited number of solutions to the architectural arrangement tailored to the needs of sophisticated investors. It is worth noting the fact that the fixtures have been prepared in two different power versions: 14V and 230V, so you get the opportunity to choose the more suited to his needs. The manufacturer decided to go one step further and apply a unique solution, which is to give the customer the possibility of applying to power lighting system power fotowoltanicznego.

You can not forget about the energy efficiency of products Ledix, which is caused by low power consumption. You want a vital lighting? By choosing this company you can count on a long life even reaching 40,000 hours of continuous illumination. None of us likes to bother the systematic replacement of the light source, and in the case of products Ledix is not necessary. Investment in high-quality products is the best course of action when selecting lighting our house or apartment.

High-quality lighting stair manufactured by Ledix successfully applied as lighting, among others, passageways, corridors and tunnels. Perfectly find anywhere where people often move in and out of the question use of overhead lighting. At the time of application of motion sensor product will sense our presence and automatically turns to go out as soon as we leave these place. It is not difficult to guess that such products are highly energy efficient. The light source is not lit when there is no need for lights only when necessary. By using selected products you can get custom backlight building facade or elements of the garden. Imagine a unique atmosphere, which created through the use of lighting in the relevant part of your garden. You can illuminate the gazebo, rockery or path from the gate to the front door. You decide where you put the selected products Ledix and what effect the same gain.

Decorative and functional character allows the use of lighting company Ledix also in the interiors of buildings, not only residential. The light cast by the luminaire perfectly highlights the architecture of the stairs, a decoration corridors and anteroom. Some come from the belief that the product will find himself only in modern areas where design solutions have been applied. Nothing could be further from the truth. The company's products Ledix will be the decoration of the premises of each type.

Every inhabitant of a multi-storey building realize how inconvenient can be continuous lighting the upper light when moving the stairs. At the time of application products Ledix with built-in motion sensor is not necessary to ignite the upper light, as in the lower part of the room lighting stair Ledix emits a bright glow for us and guarantee the comfort of a safe descent and exit stairs. The result of using this type of lighting is to facilitate the daily operation, as well as receiving efekciarskiego lighting, which certainly will envy relatives and friends.

Often, users of lighting Ledix wonder if it will not be damaged by rain and humidity, if it is used eg. In the bathroom. The creators of luminaires decided to take care of it in the production process by creating choices that without any fear can be applied in conditions of high humidity.

Located in our store have a coefficient of resistance to humidity - IP56. It means that each product received adequate protection against dust concentration (for which corresponds to the number "5"). It is a complete protection against the ingress of any kind of active and moving parts. Regardless of the frequency of orders in the house dust at any time they are in the air and can penetrate into the product. True, dust protection is not the maximum, but it should not penetrate those areas where it is not welcome. There remains the question of explanation of the use of the number "6". This however provides for the protection of the product against flooding. Even when it will be in any liquid it would not cause it to be no adverse effects. High protection factor is a guarantee of trouble-free operation for many years.

For the most distinguished advantages and valued by customers advantages luminaires company Ledix can include .:
- Modern design, so that without any problem selected products can adapt to the most sophisticated design all kinds of interior
- High practicality, because the company's products Ledix not only decorate but also to make everyday life easier
- Increased safety when leaving and down the stairs, because even a small light allows us to see steps
- Decorative value - the manufacturer has made every effort to ensure that products perfectly presented in the living room, hallway and in the bathroom
- Versatility in use - our products are used both in the apartment / house as well as outside
- The possibility of using selected RGB color
- Cooperation with motion sensors - there is no denying that these sensors are essential when products Ledix want to use eg. On the stairs. When a person is down the stairs or after they leave the light will automatically light up, and soon afterwards put out

The manufacturer also took care of it, that its products can be used on many different surfaces. And so the products of the company range of applications Ledix has been increased, with the ability to adapt most models for wall mounting, as well as for mounting in a specially prepared holes and installation boxes with a diameter of 60mm. You will find varied colors the material of which are made individual elements and a varied color of the light, so that will not be a major problem selecting the perfect, tailored to personal needs. Used to produce fabrics enhance the best possible product quality and wide possibilities of application.

The biggest advantage of the presented lighting stair Ledix is ​​their origin. The lighting is entirely manufactured in Poland by top professionals for years engaged in the product of this type of lighting. By purchasing products Ledix you gain confidence that you purchase the best quality products that will serve you for many years. Affordable compared to other available products on the market price is another reason for this, in your neighborhood were products Ledix. Let's not deceive your high price competition, it is not always the price speaks for the quality of the product, which in some cases is simply doubtful. Ledix is ​​known and appreciated on the market company in the field of LED lighting, which is why her products at this point we offer, whereas most of all your satisfaction and contentment. We cordially invite you to shop!