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MUNA is a collection of modern lighting of LED Zamel company in the shape of a full moon. There are several color variations and options for deciding about the functionality of the model.

Some of the products is designed for wall mounting. The second group - flush mounting in a hole with a diameter of 6 cm - it has a built-in motion sensor and twilight. Some models have batteries, controllers, and other additional options.

The diameter of these luminaires inspired wheel is 7.3 cm. Their dimensions are so versatile that they can be installed in many places inside and some outside the building. Popular applications include lighting of the stairs, where they can be part of complex intelligent lighting systems. Similarly, in the hallway, or other communication routes - mounted on the baseboard can react to motion or the degree of sunlight. Due to its decorative features can be used on furniture to highlight the selected equipment modules.

The light source LEDs are robust well-known and respected brand CREE. In addition, the housing MUNA have a built-in stabilizing the current in these diodes.

To power these luminaires are dedicated brand Zamel special power supplies. Power supply devices should be chosen according to the number of luminaires used for illumination system. In the case of RGB LEDs should purchase an additional driver that supports changing colors of light.

The luminaire is characterized by:
• easy installation using double-sided tape, glue or screws assembly (dedicated screwed to the box Ø60)
• IP44 degree of protection which allows its installation outdoors • lumen on 2 planes: the lower and front
• excellent light parameters obtained by applying high quality LED CREE
• light color reproducibility
• high lumen output with minimum power consumption
• high quality and durability estimated at five years of continuous illumination (~ 40 000 h).

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