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LED lighting garden

Modern lighting solutions that can be used not only to arrange the house, but also the garden. Lamps and led lanterns are a proposition for people who care about the climate and atmospheric light, creating a backyard relaxation zone.

Led lighting gives the garden almost unlimited arrangement possibilities. However, it should be remembered that it should not only shape the climate, but also be functional - ensure the safety of movement after dark.

Communication lines and elements of small architecture

The elements that should be highlighted in the garden are all paths, communication strings and stairs. LED leds can be used for their lighting, which will indicate the direction of movement and, at the same time, will be interesting to look around in green surroundings. Lighthouses, both modern and stylized for classic lighthouses, can be a great idea. It is also worthwhile to illuminate the elements of the small architecture - garden arbors or pergolas. Delicate, slightly dimmed light combined with the garden vegetation will create a sensational decorative effect.

Backlighting of the pond

A good solution will also be the backlight of the pond. Interestingly, the light source can be placed even under the water, which will make the eyelets appear almost magically. However, it is important to choose the moisture-resistant tapes and profiles for the water-resistant mesh. For placement in water it is best to check the tape with a small voltage of 12V. Choose from a whole host of luminaires, profiles and tapes, which are skillfully assembled to create an unforgettable atmosphere in the garden and make you spend the evenings in an atmospheric atmosphere.

Led light does not attract mosquitoes and other insects

Being in the garden on warm summer evenings is a real pleasure, which can slightly spoil mosquitoes, flies, moths and other insects that fly directly to the light. And with them can also migrate the animals that these insects are feeding on. In case of lighting led such a problem is not - led light does not attract insects. In fact, mosquitoes or flies fly not so much to light as to a certain extent. It attracts ultraviolet light, which LEDs do not emit. Lighting leds can therefore be installed in various places in the garden without fear that to the space of evening relaxation will be busy and disturbing insects.

Devices with increased resistance

When choosing LED lighting for your garden, it is important to keep in mind that tapes or bulbs will be exposed to the outdoors in much greater danger of damage or damage than in the case of indoor lighting. It is important to pay attention to the quality of the lighting elements and to choose such devices which have higher parameters in terms of resistance. Lighting must be resistant to moisture, as well as high and low temperatures.
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