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Illuminated billboards – how to win customers at night

Illuminated billboards – how to win customers at night


Illuminated billboards today have an important function when you want to draw attention to a location or a certain product. Especially in the dark, illuminated billboards stand out clearly and attract attention. In this way, the attention of customers can be aroused.


These billboards prove that good advertising content and a clever presentation lead to success and make a company stand out positively from the competition. Today, there are a number of different ways to successfully use light for advertising, which can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Illuminated billboards increase competitiveness


If you want to remain competitive today, you have to be able to bring your own business or product into the customer's focus again and again. While slate boards with handwritten advertising messages were still a promising advertising medium in the past, customers today make higher demands. An illuminated billboard is now one of themost effective means of attracting attention.


Light always has a special effect on people. Not only sunlight, but artificial light can have a very specific effect. Warm light with yellowleaves has a relaxing and calming effect on the viewer, while a blund light has a stimulating effect. It has been proven that you can achieve much better results with a well thought-out design of a illuminated advertisement than with othern advertising media. Therefore, it is also worthwhile to invest in such advertising.


Low power consumption and long service life thanks to LED technology


LED technology has turned illuminated billboards into a modernadvertising medium that is becoming increasingly popular. LED lights consume little energy, so the operation of a billboard does not cause much power consumption. In addition, this bulb has a very long service life andcan shine for thousands of hours before it needs to be replaced.


Illuminated billboards can therefore shine quietly all night long and thus achieve a maximum result. You can also choose the color of the light that illuminates an LED billboard. This allows you to influence the mood you want to achieve with the billboard. Cold light , for example, achieves a completely different effect than warm light , so you could consider which light color best suits your own advertising message.


What should be considered when choosing an illuminated billboard?


When designing an illuminated billboard, various aspects should be taken into account, which often have to do with the location where the billboard is to be placed. For example, the exposure should correspond to the environment in which the billboard is located. If it is a brightly lit environment, you need a high luminosity so that the board can stand out from the background. If the environment is rather dark, less luminosity is required.


It is also important to consider what distance theviewer has from the billboard. If the billboard is far away from the viewer, it is necessary to use large letters and graphics so that the Werbebotschaft is clearly recognizable. However, if the board is placed in the immediate vicinity of the viewer, the letters and graphics must be correspondingly smaller so that the viewer can grasp the advertising message at aglance.


LED profiles for illuminating advertising signs


LED profiles are ideal for illuminating billboards. The profiles can be mounted around the board and thus cast a uniform light on the board. For outdoor use, you can choose profiles that are waterproof and can withstand the elements perfectly.


Inside the profiles, the LED strips are simply glued in. The profiles are usually made of lightweight aluminum and offer optimal protection for the stripes and also protect against mechanical damage. Such lighting can beeasily installed and, under certain circumstances, attached to an existing billboard.


sign lighting with the spotlight


Spotlights can be used in many ways and can put advertising signs in the right light. It is important that you opt for spotlights that can completely illuminate the advertising sign or a lettering and also ensure optimal light control. In addition, it is important to install the spotlights in such a way that the viewer is not dazzled by the spotlights.


spring, halogen spotlights were mostly used to achieve an optimal lighting effect. nnen. However, halogen spotlights are increasingly being replaced by LED spotlights, which offer excellent light quality and also convince by significantly lower electricity costs. Today, halogen spotlights are no longer sold throughout the EU.


Today, LED spotlights are offered in different designs, which score with an attractive appearance. This is particularly advantageous during the day when the lights are switched off. The spotlightdid not look störend and fit harmoniously to the shield.


The LED billboard as digital signage


If you want optimal flexibility on a billboard, you should inform yourself about digital signage.


This is not a static billboard in the classical sense, but a screen on which different advertising messages can be displayed. Such billboardsare particularly suitable if, for example, you want to use different advertising messages in front of the shopping center during the day to address a different clientele.


In addition to standing images, videos can also be used. WLAN or data transmission make it possible to import the desired advertising message in a simple way. This technology is becoming more and more cost-effective today, so more and more companies are opting for digital signage.


Illuminated billboard as a modern solution for indoor advertising


Not only can you achieve interesting effects with illuminated billboards. This type of movement also works excellently indoors. This type of advertising can be used, for example, in the shopping center to highlight one's own business and attract the customer's attention. In addition, it also proves to be very effective at trade fairs. A neon sign at the trade fair stand can prove to be a real customer magnet.


Illuminated billboards can take on different shapes in interiors. A luminous pylon proves to be a free-standing advertising display that can be easily transported and easily connected via a socket . Thus, it can easily be placed in front of the exhibition stand, where it attracts the attention of the customers. Such a modern advertising medium looks very professional and can increase the interest of potential customers.


For the shopping center, the light box is also an excellent option, which is illuminated from the inside with LED modes. Such a lightbox can be used as a customer stopper and is often a first point of contact for the customer who arouses interest in the immediate vicinity of the business.




Clever lighting can turn a simple billboard into a highly effective advertising tool that irresistibly attracts customer attention.  Investing in illuminated billboards is worthwhile and offers the opportunity to gain an advantage over the competition.



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