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Shipping is carried in by:

1 Polish Post
2. LED profiles, aluminum and MDF are only sent courier service.

poczta polska najwyższa jakość usług

DHL kurier   

Refunds for purchased goods are accepted only on condition that they were not possess Its elegant packaging is delivered complete (with accessories attached). Money for the returned goods will be sent to your designated account in accordance with the rules. Reimbursement costs paid by the buyer. Complaints regarding the mechanical damage incurred during transportation will be considered only on the basis of the complaint, whether written protocol in the presence of the deliverer. Shipping items resulting from the incorrect execution of the contract through our store. NOTE: Check the contents of the consignment in the presence of the person delivering it! Returns and complaints should be addressed to the address in the contact store.

Please transfer the total amount to the following bank account:

Lutoryz 420
36-040 Boguchwala

Raiffeisen Bank Polska Spolka Akcyjna, ul. Piekna 20, 00-549 Warszawa 
IBAN: PL26 1750 1224 0000 0000 2134 4516


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