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Product Review Stair light controller - Reactive Lighting - Stair Lighting System - Automatic LED Stair Lighting (the driver for lighting effects) version 11 to 14 s

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Product Review: The LED stair system and infra-red barriers performs flawlessly. The system is NOT difficult to install and is of outstanding quality and design. The service and personal attention I received from Remigiusz Stanek during this project was spectacular. I would highly recomend this lighting system for any staircase as a saftey, convienience and center piece of any home. My stairs appears almost identical to the video as shown on this website, I am most pleased with my Reactive Lighting system. Dave Zerfas C.E.T.

Review Author: Dave Zerfas

Product rating: Product rating 5/5

Average rating (5/5): Average rating 5/5
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