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Staircase lighting ▷ Safe, stylish and decorative

When deciding to build a new home or to buy and renovate an old one, there are many things to consider. Even the smallest details must be well worked out in order to be satisfied with the end result and not to have spent the money in vain. For example, the lighting in the stairwell.


Why should you pay attention to the right lighting?

On the one hand, different lighting conditions create different ambiences and bring a different atmosphere into the room. This should be considered if the house is furnished in a certain style, because not every light harmonises with every furnishing style and could create an uncomfortable contrast.

There is also the aspect of safety, because if there is no proper lighting on the stairs, the risk of falling or overlooking a step increases. Especially with children in the house or older people, care should be taken to avoid accidents.


The different lighting options


ceiling lights

A classic variant of stairway lighting is the installation of ceiling lights that shine vertically onto the stairs and thus optimally illuminate the steps so that they cannot be overlooked. You can either opt for hanging lamps or recessed lamps, which can be based on the style of the hallway or the house.


wall lights

With the wall lights, the lamps are built directly into the side wall and thus illuminate the steps horizontally. Here you have the option of choosing built-in lamps or those that are screwed to the wall. It is important to note that the lamps are not too bright, otherwise they could dazzle the person ascending, thereby increasing the risk of accidents from falling because the steps are not properly illuminated.

step lighting

A third option is step lighting, in which the lamps are parallel to the steps and thus illuminate them directly. The lamps are placed either next to each step at ankle height or every two or three steps. This option is very suitable because it illuminates the steps directly and thus reduces the risk of accidents.


motion detector

A motion detector is definitely worth considering. This is a sensor that, depending on where it is installed, registers the movements and then turns on the light. This investment is particularly worthwhile in private households, as it ensures safety even at night, for example if someone does not want to turn on the big light to go down the stairs. For this reason, a motion detector is very well suited in combination with the step lighting, as these switch on after a movement has been registered.

It should be noted that the lamps can also be combined. For example, step lighting can be installed that is equipped with a motion detector and is activated in this way. At the same time, you can also hang up a ceiling light that only activates when you press the light switch, so you don't have to turn on the big light at night because you have the step lighting.

The motion detector also reduces energy consumption, since the step lighting does not burn continuously, but only when a movement has been registered beforehand.


positioning of the lamps

When positioning the ceiling and wall lamps, there are many different ways of attaching them.
The theater lighting
Here, the ceiling lights are attached in a row and thus illuminate the stairs in a line. The light that is created is reminiscent of theater lighting and therefore has its name.

With this option, either lamps built directly into the ceiling or slim hanging lamps are suitable. The size of the hanging lamps should be taken into account because they may look too squashed if the lampshades are too large.


The Lighting Gallery

This arrangement is for those of you who want something a little more playful and artistic. Here, the lamps on the wall are arranged in a jumble. This means that they are not placed at a regular distance or at the same height, but that you can decide this creatively. In this style, the light also acts as a kind of decoration.


Structure & Architecture

This style is sort of a hybrid of the two previous choices, as it blends the decorative with the orderly. Here, the lamps are hung at the same distance, for example, but they are also hung offset or the lamps are arranged in different rows. Ultimately, for example, the height of the person climbing the stairs is used as a guide. For example, if you always want the lamps to be at a person's shoulder height, you end up with a staggered pattern.

This gives the lighting an architectural element and gives the wall a little more structure, which means that it also functions as a decorative element.


The light

There are also different options when it comes to light. On the one hand, an energy-saving lamp can be used, which takes some time to get brighter after being switched on. Other light bulbs, on the other hand, reach their maximum luminosity as soon as they are switched on, which means that the room is optimally illuminated immediately, but at the same time these light bulbs also consume more energy, which is worth avoiding if possible.

You can also choose between white, yellow and colored light.
With the colored light, however, it should be noted that this may not provide enough light and therefore does not provide the required security. If you still decide to use colored light, you should combine this with bright step lights, for example, so that you have both the creative colored aspect and the security that you don't overlook any steps.

Whether white or yellow, both colors provide enough light, but create a different atmosphere.

White light is cooler and therefore has a slightly more modern look, which is why this should also be used for a stairway that is decorated in a modern way to maintain the style.
The yellow light, on the other hand, creates a cozy atmosphere and can be used well in combination with the boho style or country style to create a cozy atmosphere.



There are now many different options for stair lighting, but you should always keep two points in mind.

Firstly, the aspect of safety, because even if beautiful lamps and beautiful light are a great decorative element, at the end of the day they are there to optimally illuminate the staircase and to ensure that you don't fall because you didn't see the stairs.
The second aspect is the mood that is created by placing the lamps in a certain way. This should go hand in hand with the furnishing style of the house or the staircase.

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