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Staircase lighting - combine the effect with functionality

Regardless of whether the staircase is in a single-family or multi-family home, it should be properly lit. It is worth remembering that it is a building business, so the lighting should be both useful and aesthetic.

The staircase should be lighted in such a way that each user will be able to move freely and safely. Therefore, for some time now, in modern construction, one can observe a slow departure from traditional lighting for led lighting, which gives practically unlimited arrangement possibilities. Moreover, it is a long-lasting, durable and energy-saving solution - once installed, the led lighting functions without fail for many years.

Each stage is highlighted

With the use of tapes and leds you can create stair lighting that will ensure the safety of moving around the staircase, while also creating a unique character in the interior. Just mount the lead tapes on each level leading to the next floor. The tapes are available in a wide range of sizes and colors so you can choose the right lighting for your interior.

Intelligent lighting solutions

LED lighting provides the right amount of light in every place, which distinguishes this kind of light from traditional lamps. Moreover, LED lighting works in combination with very sensitive sensors and controls. They can be programmed to only turn on when someone is using the stairs. At the same time, the leds may glow less. Thanks to led lighting it is possible to obtain not only interesting layout effect, but also great savings. It is highly energy efficient and even with full, powerful light it draws little power from the power grid.

Amazing staircases

An interesting complement to the lighting of the stairs alone can be spectacular luminaires mounted in the wall of the staircase. Luminaires are also based on led light and on intelligent controllers. Their great advantage, however, is also a unique appearance. Modern luminaires are available in many designs, styles and colors, so they can be easily adapted to both classic and modern interiors. They will not only be on the stairs, but also as a complement to the lighting of each room.

When deciding on the stairwell we can choose both the color of the light and the intensity of the lighting. Some luminaires can be mounted in the wall so that only light will not be visible and its source will be hidden. An interesting arrangement is also the different types of shutters, which make the light on the staircase is gently muffled and scattered. It ensures the safety of moving on the stairs, while at the same time creating in the interior a unique, somewhat intimate mood.
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