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LED stair lighting

LED stair lighting
The company is an innovative manufacturer RESTAN staircase lighting. We produce intelligent driver support Stair: LED bulbs, LED strip monochrome LED strip RGB and RGBW. The offer lighting sensors stairs of our production.

 We offer sensors for wall mounting as well as installation in the box.  The sensors are equipped with a triple system functionality. They have built-in: motion detector, light sensor and proximity sensor. This allows you to adjust the range of the sensor and thus eliminate the commonly occurring phenomenon of activation of the staircase lighting when no one on the stairs is not included. Sensors for lighting stairs sets are equipped with narrow degree lenses that eliminate the effect of "view" on the sides and at the same functionality in terms of precision are similar to light barriers.

In addition to the offer of intelligent controllers and enclosures dedicated to them, motion sensors / twilight we checked into our sets of LED strips and matched them power LED. We monochrome LED strip in white warm white cold, red, blue, green and RGB LED strips and RGBW. For a full set of stairs lighting is chosen high quality LED power supply.

To facilitate the selection of an appropriate set of grouped them according to the most commonly used lighting stair width 30, 45, 60, 90 cm. Of course, this does not preclude the use of our systems at different latitudes of the stairs. At your request we will prepare each individual offer.

Caring for the full comfort of use of our products we offer a large selection of LED aluminum profiles - for domestic as well as in offices, theaters, etc.., Which can be used to contain the LED strips and LED luminaires that can be used to place LED bulbs in them.

In addition, the offer includes a power amplifier, which allows you to connect to each channel stair driver load up to 18A. This allows you to use it for example. Highlight the railing of the stairs or hallway, from which the entrance to the stairs.
Our products have gained recognition on all continents. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

Stair Lighting

Stair lighting has to fulfill many more functions than lighting kitchen or living room. The light source on the steps not only illuminate the room and are a decoration interior, but above all, they must ensure safe navigation for users of home or apartment. Ceiling lights on the stairs are not functional and do not provide uniform illumination of the entire staircase. What's more, the lamp was lit well most of the steps would have to be in a place where change light bulbs wymuszałaby a lot of stunts. If no ceiling lamp, then what? We propose a solution that perfectly suited to almost any stairs - stair lighting. It is functional, comprehensively highlights the stairs, so comfort of use at any time of day or night.

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Light matched to the interior design

Illuminated stairs is a solution, which increasingly inclined to choose not only the owners of single-family homes. This type of lighting we find also in hotels, restaurants or public facilities. You can choose from a range of possibilities that can be used in virtually any type of stairs. What should I consider? Lighting, like other elements of interior design should be matched to the overall design of the house or apartment. Steps may in fact be made of different materials - both traditional natural wood and steel, glass or plastics. Type of light should interact with them, and do not cause visual dissonance.

Tailored to the needs of interior lighting stair must combine strength, original design and functionality, and at the same time should provide effortlessly navigate the stairs. It can not be too weak, making it more difficult then the daily use stairs should not be too strong, as it can dazzle, and at the same time underline the shortcomings of the interior.

Why LED lighting?

RESTAN The company is a leading manufacturer of innovative lighting staircase, personalized to individual users' needs. We offer the latest technology and a range of products that can be combined in a tailor-made sets. Here in one place you can buy all the elements necessary for the proper lighting of stairs, railings and traffic routes.

In our offer you will find LED bulbs, LED strips monochrome LED strip RGB and RGBW. Why bet on a modern, technologically advanced LED lighting? Primarily due to a whole host of possibilities and energy efficiency. LED lamps provide the right amount of light at a relatively low power consumption. What's more, unlike ordinary incandescent bulbs, immediately after turning light up at full power. As a result, replacing ordinary light bulbs to LED bulbs almost immediately you notice a lower energy bill.

LED lighting is also exceptional longevity and durability. Due to its simple design and small size LED strips are highly resistant to mechanical damage, and durable. No glass elements makes them safe to use even when they are installed as the lighting on the stairs, or in a place frequented and particularly vulnerable to damage.

3 reliable sensors: motion, distance and dusk

Functional and energy efficient lighting stairs should be included when someone is using the stairs. Bulbs shining all the time they can afford to owners of hotels or restaurants, but in an ordinary house, stairs lit around the clock is a simple way to higher electricity bills. How to avoid this? We have an effective solution. In addition to light bulbs and LED strip lighting in our offer staircase you will find a number of solutions that lighting is functional, safe and tailored to the needs of residents. We offer the sensors for wall mounting and under wall (box) montage. All sensors have a triple functionality - react to movement, twilight and distance. This enables adjustment range of the sensor - stair lighting is switched on only when someone comes up the stairs. Modern sensors are extremely sensitive and reliable, and does not include, without need. They respond only to the people - there is no concern that the stairs will illuminate every time when not on a runs into a dog, cat or other domestic animal.

The variety of colors

Complement our range of smart controllers and enclosures to suit their sensors are LED strips and LED power supplies. There are LED strips monochrome (choice of colors: warm white, cold white, red, blue, green) that can be tailored to individual needs and decor. In the traditional design perfectly suits the LED strips in Warm white, in a more modern setting while you can afford to madness color and lighting of stairs in the color red or green. The choice of color depends on the individual user's needs and style of the room. In addition to monochrome ribbons are also available tape RGB and RGBW. For each ordered the tape can be adjusted perfectly suited to the high-end LED driver.

The specific size or dimension

To facilitate the search for the perfect lighting staircase, all the sets were grouped into subcategories based on the most frequently used width for lighting stairs. There are such stairway sets 30, 45, 60 and 90 cm. It is also possible individual adjustment lighting stair to stair of unusual width. Illumination made to measure is by far a better solution than fitting kits to the stairs. If you are interested in other dimensions, please contact us - we will prepare for you an individual, personalized offer.

Aluminium profiles for residential homes and not only

An interesting proposal by Restan designed for stair lighting are also aluminum profiles LED, providing full comfort of our products. Profiles perfectly prove themselves in both living rooms and offices, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, theaters and other places of public use. LED aluminum profiles are durable, reliable, yet simple to install and trouble in future maintenance. Choosing LED profiles made from high-quality aluminum, you can be sure that the lighting of stairs will serve reliably for many years.

Universal power amplifier

In many interiors of the same stairway lighting is not enough to provide users seamlessly navigate through them. Sometimes you need additional lighting railing or a piece of the corridor, which leads directly to the stairs. In our offer we have created for this purpose power amplifier - it allows plugging in each channel controller staircase to load even 18A. With it is possible to highlight, among other things railing and lobby or hallway, from which you enter directly on the stairs. In this way, they will be highlighted not only the stairs, but also passageways, which provide users with increased security. Illuminated handrails or corridor is also an excellent way for additional interior decoration using light.

Quality, precision, reliability

Products Restan is a whole range of possibilities, thanks to the lighting of stairs in your house or office is not only stunning, but also functional, reliable and tailored to the needs of users. Quality, precision and innovation of our products are constantly gaining more and more audience, gaining recognition among customers at home and around the world. As a proven and reliable partner, we are able to offer you the lighting of stairs that meet the highest expectations.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer
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