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Steps - redesign stairs in a modern way

Stairs redesign stairs and modern


It has been established today that stairs can be more than just a functional component for overcoming differences in height. Stairs can be designed in such a way that they fit stylishly into the room and become a real eye-catcher. 


This does not only apply to new buildings. Even the removal of stairs from existingstairs can cause them to shine in a whole new splendor. To do this, you can use various techniques that make old stairs look like new. With a little manual dexterity, most of this work can also be done by yourself.

6 Possibility of stairs to move

remove traces of use


Over the years, the signs of use are clearly visible on the stairs. In the case of stairs made of wood or natural stone, the surfaces of the steps have become available and the footprints are clearly visible. By sanding you can remove these traces and give the steps a uniform look again. Even if a wooden staircasewas painted, the old paint can be removed by sanding before applying a new layer of paint or var


However, you have to know that such work is not only associated with noise but also with a lot of dirt. Standing close to them should be well covered so that they are protected from the fine dust from sanding . After sanding, the stairs are then repainted. For this purpose, a special stair varnish should beused, which forms a hard surface and can withstand the high load better.


The steps can also be painted in color. So you can achieve a particularly modern look. However, it must be borne in mind that anyunevenness or small bumps on the stairs are highlighted by a colored varnish. Therefore, a colored coat of paint is only recommended if the stairs are in perfect condition. Also, new traces of use will form faster on the farbig painted staircase, so that such a staircase will have to be renovated once.


Old stairs quickly refreshed


Many steps are made of natural wood, whichis not treated with varnishes and paints. In this case, the wood can be given a neat expression again by applying Öl or wax. For this purpose, the steps must first be thoroughly cleaned. Then the Öl is applied at the same time. 


Different types of Öl can darken the wood in different ways. Therefore, it is advisable to first test some Öl species on a small piece. ül;l;l, jojobaö l or sunfloweröl are used to öl the stairs . If you always want to keep the stairs well maintained, you should treat the steps in this way about once a year.  


Wooden steps can be waxed. However, one should be careful with this. Many fine-pored types of wood can become quite slippery due to waxing , so that safety on the stairs is impaired.


pickling - the perfect method of colour change


With stains you can give stairs a new, fresh colour. In contrast to painting, the grains of the wood remain visible during staining, so that the staircase can shine in natural beauty. Even deeper conditions can be compensated by pickling. 


You can choose between many wood stains and there are also colored stains. It should be borne in mind that different types of wood react differently to stain and the colour can vary. Before starting the work, you should test the stain in a less visible place to check whether you like the resulting color. 


However, the stain does not protect the wood against moisture, mold and mechanical damage. Therefore, it is necessary to apply a sealant after pickling. The sealing should only be applied when the stain has dried completely, so that the effect of the stain is not affected. Severallayers of sealing should be applied to provide sufficient protection for the stairs. After each layer, the seal should dry first before applying the next layer.


Gluing or coating for a new staircase picture


A major optical change can also be achieved in the stairs by gluing or coating. The old ground disappears completely and the stairs get a completely newlook. You can choose different materials. For example, the stairs are covered with carpet. You achieve a warm, homely impression  and can also coordinate the staircase covering well with the carpet in the livingarea.


vinyl or laminate are also well suited as a stair covering. They prove to be particularly easy to clean and can be selected in different colours. Before installing the new stair surface, an old surface must be removed. Also, possible damage to the stairs should be repaired before installing the new covering. 


Soft bedding, such as carpet or vinyl, can usually be removed quite easily. If the new coating is thicker or härter, a rough cleaning of the old covering is sufficient, whereby you should make sure that all loose residues are removed. If the stairs were equipped with hard surfaces such as tiles, such a covering mustbe completely removed.


Concrete steps can also be equipped with a stone carpet. So they can get a beautiful new look, protected from weathering and can also become non-slip. The coating consists of a resin bed into which granules of stone or marble can be introduced. In this way, particularly beautiful effects can be achieved.


Lighting the stairs


Even with different types of stair lighting you can enhance the appearance extremely. The possibilities are almost limited. The staircase lighting can run in the form of LED stipes along the area or transversely along the individual steps. Also popular are recessed wall lights along the stairs. Otherwall or ceiling lighting is also conceivable to illuminate the stairs very hübsch. The advantage of stair lighting is, of course, the plus in safety, especially at night, so that the lighting can prevent a fall.


Open stairs


If you have an open staircase, you can give it a completely new look by closing the stairs. For this purpose, setting steps are introduced. For this purpose, you can clad the sets, for example with laminate, vinyl or even wallpaper. In this way , design elements can be introduced with which the staircase can be given a very individual charm. If the steps have an undercut, this work is quite simple, as it is more of an optical solution than a technical improvement.


By closing an open staircase you can create more safety for children or houses. In addition, the closing of the steps creates a privacy screen and prevents dirt and jams from moving freely from the upper to the lower floor.




There are many ways to climb a staircase. Before renovating, it is therefore important to decide exactly which method is best suited for your own staircase. The work should be well planned, as you can not use the stairs during the renovation. Varnishes and stains need a few hours to dry. Therefore, it is necessary to take the appropriate precautions so that the renovation work can proceed unchecked.


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