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Luminaires, ceiling fixtures, downlight - LED

Luminaires, ceiling fixtures, downlight - LED
LED lamps of "Downlight" is a perfect alternative for lighting in the form of traditional ceilings. Due to the wide design can be mounted on flat surfaces as well as in suspended ceilings. Each piece comes with a factory in LED power supply. Buying from us lamp LED downlight get a complete product that you can immediately use the. Aesthetic lighting will ensure that it fit in perfectly into your room. Lamps "downlight" type are used in waiting rooms, passageways (corridors), utility rooms, and offices - replacing traditional fluorescent lighting and optics. The used LEDs guarantee long life and trouble-free operation of LED lamps. We invite you to familiarize with the offer of our shop on the range.

Luminaires, plafonds, downlights - ceiling, ceiling - LED

Downlight LED lamps are an excellent alternative to traditional light bulbs. Due to the varied construction, they can be mounted on both flat surfaces and suspended ceilings without any problem. Each of the models we offer is equipped with a factory-installed LED power supply. By purchasing a downlight LED lamp, you get a complete product that you can use right away. You do not need anything accompanying you to do it. Its aesthetic luminaire will ensure that it integrates perfectly into any room you choose. You can place your product in the place of your choice, the only restriction is your own imagination. Downlight lamps are most commonly used in all types of waiting rooms, communication lines (corridors), utility rooms and offices, as well as other places of this type. They successfully replace traditional lamps and lighting rays.

We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of our shop and wish you a good shopping experience!

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plafoniera led, oprawa sufitowa led, oprawa led, oprawa led z czujnikiem , plafoniera z czujnikiem, oprawa led z czujnik

LED luminaire - 8W - circular

23.11 Euro
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plafoniera led, oprawa sufitowa led, oprawa led, oprawa led z czujnikiem , plafoniera z czujnikiem, oprawa led z czujnik

LED luminaire - 8W - quadrat

23.11 Euro
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oprawa led, oprawa natykowa, oprawa natynkowa led, LED luminaire, surface mounted, surface mounted led, LED-Leuchte, Flä

LED Downlight - 10W - CARO 2

22.93 Euro
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oprawa led, oprawa natykowa, oprawa natynkowa led, LED luminaire, surface mounted, surface mounted led, LED-Leuchte, Flä

LED Downlight - 14W - CARO 2

32.09 Euro
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oprawa led, oprawa natykowa, oprawa natynkowa led, LED luminaire, surface mounted, surface mounted led, LED-Leuchte, Flä

LED Downlight - 15W - CARO 3

33.33 Euro
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oprawa led, oprawa natykowa, oprawa natynkowa led, LED luminaire, surface mounted, surface mounted led, LED-Leuchte, Flä

LED Downlight - 20W - CARO 2

45.81 Euro
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oprawa led, oprawa natykowa, oprawa natynkowa led, LED luminaire, surface mounted, surface mounted led, LED-Leuchte, Flä

LED Downlight - 21W - CARO 3

45.89 Euro
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LED luminaires are offered in our shop. Suspended ceilings. The main reason for installing suspended ceilings in the home is the desire to mask unevenness, conceal visible installations, and lower the room, which is most often used in homes where the ceilings are placed very high, which can cause echoes. Suspended ceilings also serve to silence the room. Do you have a neighbor over you who often makes a lot of noise? The best way to do this is to mount a suspended ceiling, which will slightly weaken the sound coming from your ears. In the suspended ceiling you can place any selected point lighting or LED lighting strips. Everyone knows that using home-grown light sources using LED technology brings the same benefits. You have the option of placing your suspended ceiling in your home? Use this to create a cozy room where you will be happy to spend time. In the suspended ceiling you can successfully install LEDs 12 and 220V. On your ceiling are cracks or visible bulges that can not be removed and not aesthetically look like? With the help of a suspended ceiling, you can cover the cracks and imperfections that appear on the ceiling.

You have to be aware that if you suddenly want to replace your lighting in your finished apartment, it may not be possible to create a completely new installation. Lighting planning should be made at the initial stage of the renovation of the apartment. Creating some of our desired solutions requires the right conditions for them, and the complete change of installation in already finished interiors will involve the need for a refurbishment, and as we all know, it involves additional costs.

Not everyone is aware of the fact that using the light can completely change the look of the room. It would seem that lighting has no effect on the appearance of our interiors. Nothing more wrong. It is due to him that you can get unique and unique atmosphere, due to which in a given room we will simply spend a good time. Just run a little of your imagination and let go of the fantasy. Use the plastic light properties to get the desired effect and change the look of the entire room. Have you ever been bored a bit? Use the light to make the selected room a little refresh at the moment. Play with light, change its colors and degrees of brightness. Customize everything for your own convenience and personal preference. Remember that it is you, and not your neighbors or guests. Did you happen to have the look of a living room or a bedroom just getting old and you wanted to change it to a new one? Replacing all the add ons is often costly, which not all of us can afford. All you have to do is change the bed linen, bed linen and small items such as candles and flowers, and you'll be replacing the existing lighting and you'll be able to enjoy a completely new room. Changing the angle and color of the light and the brightness of the falling light will make our bedroom look completely different than before.

By choosing the lighting in your interior, you should focus first on your preferences, but do not forget about the activities you will perform in your area. If in the living room you are going to work or read it at the place where you plan to do it, then install the lighting that will make it possible after dark. Remember that it can not tire your eyes because it could have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing. But not only too dark light can have a bad influence on the human body. If the lighting in the room to be rested is too bright it may also have a poor effect on our condition. It is therefore imperative that lighting is installed in specific areas to enable the activities we care most about. Also remember that the lighting can be dimmed or brightened. Just in the planning stage of the lighting you will consider buying a light driver so that when you mount it, you can enjoy the possibility of dimming and brightening the light throughout the house without having to get up from the chair.

Are you going to put luminaires using LED technology on the stairs? Need to select those with built-in motion sensor. It will make the light source emit a clear glow only and only when really needed. End with wasting energy and high electricity bills. Also consider the benefits of mounting LED luminaries with built-in motion sensors on stairs. Often, the stairs in our homes are in places where daylight is not reaching, so moving around is not the easiest. LEDs illuminate the walking area and make walking and climbing stairs a lot nicer than it was before we decided to mount them.

Before you make a selection of specific products based on modern and innovative LED technology, you must familiarize yourself with its advantages. The small size of the LEDs has been recognized as one of the biggest advantages. Due to the fact that they are relatively small, they can be used without any problems in places where conventional incandescent lamps are simply impossible to install. Now, using LED light sources, you can illuminate the areas where you were most anxious and you could not do it in the traditional way.

LEDs are also very efficient, so they are so used to lighting Polish homes. Each of us would like his light bulbs to produce as little as possible losses while processing electricity into light, as this translates into considerable savings. Probably not one of us likes to pay high bills for electricity, and if it can in some way, in addition to such a banal way to save, there is nothing to prevent it.

Do not you want to apply your hand to polluting the environment? Do you want your children and grandchildren not condemned to live in a poor environment? If so, LED light sources have been created for you. LEDs do not contain mercury or harmful chemicals. Although some colors have been used to obtain some of the chemical compounds, however, given the relatively small dimensions of the selected diodes, one can safely say that they are in no way harmful to the environment. One should also mention the vitality, which in the case of LED light sources is relatively high, so these LEDs glow much longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, so they do not need to be replaced so quickly. Due to that there is no such a big problem of disposal, which in the case of traditional light bulbs becomes quite a big threat to our environment.

Especially for you, we have prepared a wide range of products to fulfill all expectations. In our shop you can find high quality LEDs for a long service life and trouble-free operation. High quality materials are used to ensure their reliability and long working life. In our offer you will find both LED luminaires without built-in motion sensor as well as luminaires that this sensor has. Recent times have been the use of LED-based light sources to illuminate our interiors and exterior spaces. Due to this, we do our best to protect the environment and save energy efficiently. We chose the best quality products from manufacturers whose products are willingly bought by all Poles. You will find in our offer articles that will enable you to create and execute even the most sophisticated installations. To make the search easier, we decided to divide the division into 9 separate categories: LED Luminaires, LED Luminaires with Sensor, LED Ceiling Lights, LED Ceiling Lights with Sensor, Downlight Classic, Downlight Deep, Downlight CARO, Downlight Slim, Downlight Surface. We hope this procedure will help you find the articles you are looking for at the moment and will facilitate the shopping process. In a simple and quick way you will find all the necessary products for home lighting.
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