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Interior stairs lighting

Although the staircase and staircase are primarily interior use, this does not mean that they do not need a proper arrangement. In the case of stairs, however, the interior design is of secondary importance, and the lighting fixtures are much more important.

Interior stairs at home should be lighted to facilitate daily movement and ensure the safety of all users. They should therefore be functional, equipped with suitable handrails and adequately illuminated.

Leds are more efficient than traditional ones

Stair lighting is not an easy task as with traditional light sources, it is difficult to provide adequate light across the entire staircase. Ceiling or standing lamps will not work well. So look around in the luminaires offer, which provides unique arrangement effects with the same longevity, durability and reliability. LED lighting on the staircase guarantees that the entire surface will be perfectly illuminated, and the interior will be very interestingly arranged.

Lamps, diodes and led strips give not only unlimited arrangement possibilities, but also considerable savings. LED lighting is exceptionally energy efficient, does not get too much power from the electricity supply, and works only when someone is using the stairs. And that means a lot less electricity bills - they can all be convinced by all those who turn traditional light sources into modern and advanced LED technology.

Light on each level

In the case of interior stair lighting, a very good and functional solution is the lighting kit which allows the illumination of each stage. For this purpose, special strips of LED leds are installed which emit light, but do not interfere with the use of stairs. LED lanyards are available in different colors, so you can choose the color of light that will be perfect for your interior. LED lighting is not only skillfully adjusted LEDs, but also drivers and sensors that make the light work intuitively, do not need to turn it on and off. It is enough to program the controller to suit the individual needs of the people who will use the staircase most often.

Addition of side lighting

An interesting complement to the straps mounted on the stairs can be led panels mounted on handrails and luminaires for mounting in the walls. In this way we will get a complete lighting kit that will make the staircase perfectly illuminated. Luminaires are available in many models to choose from, so you can easily choose the interior decoration of both classic and modern. It is worth remembering that while the staircase is primarily intended for use, it is also the first interior that the users of the building see. Therefore, it is important to ensure that it has a unique atmosphere and an atmosphere that encourages entry.
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