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Use of LED profiles

Use of LED profiles


LED profiles offer numerous possibilities to use LED for clever lighting in indoor and outdoor areas. It is completely scratch and impact safety, so that a safe installation is possible not only on the wall and ceiling, but also on the floor. Attractive accents can be set, which is why this modern lighting concept is being used more and more frequently today. The following article explains everything about the use of LED profiles.


What exactly is an LED profile?


LED profiles are used to ensure effective cooling for LED stripes. so that they can achieve a particularly long service life. The LED strips are also protected in the profiles and can therefore also be used well in the outdoor area. There are several different types of LED profiles that can adapt perfectly to different areas of application.


You can also choose different covers for the profiles. Thus, it is possible to achieve either diffuse or partial licht. The LED strips are usually equipped with a self-adhesive back, so that they can be easily glued into the profiles.


LED Stripes can also be used without profiles. But they soon begin to heat up, which eventually burns out. However, an aluminum profile is able to extract and dissipate heat from the LED stripe. Therefore, it is advisable to always use profiles when working with LED strips for lighting.


The profiles also provide protection against mechanical damage to the LED stripes. The profiles also make it possible to let the stripes into the ground. In addition , LED Stripes also look much more attractive when embedded in a profile. The profiles can also be kept clean with their different covers, so that the lighting can always look optimal.


LED profiles are available in different widths. So it is possible to stick more than one LED stripe in the profiles, for example in two different light colors. This solution also proves to be very flexible when it comes to the length, as the profiles themselves can be easily adapted to the required lengths.


Many applications for LED profiles


Indirect lighting can provide a pleasant light indoors and can also be used in the exterior areas of the house. LED profiles offer a simple solution to implement such illuminationin a clever way. The profiles can be mounted on the wall and provide glare-free light that can be used to illuminate the room in a modern way.


The profiles can also be attached to furniture and, for example, provide special lighting for a shelf or a display case, with which you can bring beautiful decorative objects into the spotlight. With the LED profiles you can also work on the floor or on stairs. For example, safety on the stairs can be increased by illuminating each step glare-free and without shadows.


In the professional sector, LED profiles are also used in manyapplications. They can be used to illuminate billboards and can also provide good illumination of shop windows. Trade fairs can also benefit from LED profiles and even on dance floors, the profiles ensure that you can install interesting lighting directly on the floor.


mounted and recessed profiles available


If you are interested in LED profiles, you will notice that there are both built-in and surface-mounted profiles. The surface-mounted profiles are suitable for subsequent installation and can be attached to surfaces in different ways. They canbe installed, for example, in cupboards and shelves or under the barriers in the kitchen. For fastening you can use adhesive tape or silicone and in some cases special mounting clips can be used.


The recessed profiles can be embedded in walls, ceilings or furniture in such a way that they are completely sealed. For installation, embedding must first be made in the wall or ceiling, inwhich the profiles can then either be glued or screwed in. The flagels of the profiles ensure that there are no protruding edges. Therefore, built-in profiles look particularly clean and professional.


Which LED profiles are correct?


LED profiles are available in different versions. When choosing, it is important to first determine where the profiles should be placed. First of all, it is importantto know whether the profiles should be installed inside or outside. For the outdoor area, it is important to choose profiles that are completely waterproof. With the LED profiles you can create excellent lighting for driveways or walkways.


The use of LED profiles is also an interesting lighting option on garden paths or on the terrace. The LED lighting needs little power, so that man can also keep this lighting burning all night. Well-lit outdoor areas contribute to increased security for the house.


LED profiles for indoor use


Indoor LED profiles find their true moment of glory, as they enable lighting concepts that are modern and spectacular. Profiles with LED lighting are becoming more and more popular with classic lamps because they have a number of advantages . These include, for example, the following points:


  • Very low power consumption
  • Long life span
  • Easy installation thanks to low installation depth
  • High light output
  • Flicker-free light


As a rule, aluminium profiles are used, which at the same timeensure safe heat removal. A distinction is made between different profiles, which make it possible to have different built-in options.


surface profiles are mostly used to illuminate a shelf or to detect a bright lighton a work surface in the kitchen. With the surface profiles, you can also effectively illuminate certain objects, such as a gem. In this way, fascinating highlights can be set in the room with little effort .


corner profiles are wonderfully suitable for ceiling lighting and can be mounted in the corners between wall and ceiling. They are characterized by a very simple assembly possibility. They areeasily attached with self-tapping screws and are also suitable for places that are difficult to access.


special profiles have the most versatile application. Ceiling lighting, dispensing lighting, floor lighting and the illumination of stairs are among the areas where special profiles can be used.


tile profiles are created to be incorporated into tiled walls. They areequipped with special fluumgels, which are incorporated into the tile adhesive when the tiles are laid and quickly adhere to it. They can be incorporated between the tiles, or provide the finish for half a tile wall .


Accessible and walkable profiles are suitable for the driveway and sidewalk area. When buying, you should pay attention to what load they can withstand. For sidewalks, a load capacity of 150 kg is sufficient , while you should opt for 300 kg at the entrance.


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