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LED controllers - mono, RGB, RGBW, CCT

You can now easily and relatively cheap to perform effective lighting using LEDs. LED, or light-emitting diode is a semiconductor light emitting element.

Such lighting is characterized by low energy consumption, high efficiency and an interesting color of light. They have several advantages, among other things often can be turned on and off without much risk of damaging them, shining full force immediately after the power is very viable (up to 50 times more than standard bulbs).

Most importantly, LEDs produce light focused right away without needing to focus the beam to any other type of reflector elements, and the LEDs are not big. LED color range is very wide, allowing for the submission of virtually any image. All this allows us to build an unprecedented arrangement of lighting methods are impossible to achieve with older technologies.

It has long been used as a single-LED lights of the operation. In recent years, LEDs were used in the construction industry only as additional lighting or decorative, and is now often being used for the LEDs as a main source of light in buildings or cars. More advanced projects require the use of devices such as LED drivers, which you can manage the parameters of emitted light.

It becomes necessary for the application of LEDs in the ad, which is often used eye-catching, hopping elements. Often, external lighting department also uses this technology so that you can have for example highlighted the driveway and lit garden at night. Such lighting seems to be necessary when designing a passive house, it helps reduce the energy demand of the building.

LEDs can be combined into modules that can be cutting, as necessary for your application, it allows for strong customization of the site. LEDs used in flashlights, even with very high efficiency, thanks to the capacity of the battery units are able to produce much more light than standard bulbs. Has already established a high-power diodes, where a single LED can even power of 10 watts, but it requires the application of heat sink or installing a metal or similar energodyspersyjnej surface.

LEDs can also be used as displays, it is simply a collection of many interconnected LEDs controlled device driver. Not to be underestimated is the fact that the diodes are no heavy metals or other harmful substances, which, given the current vogue for ecology may protect diodes from regulations that restrict their development. In the future, it seems almost inevitable displacement of fluorescent lamps and the LEDs to be any light source, can only newer, more energy-efficient technology will be able to threaten the LEDs, but the service does not come out yet for sure for a long time.


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