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Stairs light with motion sensor

Lighting of stairs must be functional, attractive and convenient for the users. Therefore, in recent times, lighting sets have become increasingly popular, due to which you can forget about the light switches. Brightness on the stairs is done alone.

Both on the stairs, as well as inside, on staircases, we are happy to install LED lighting fixtures. This is a very good alternative to traditional light sources that do not provide adequate lighting for the entire stairwell. Normal lamps also have other disadvantages - they must be manually activated, which may make it difficult to move the stairs. Finding a switch on a dark staircase is always a problem, and it takes a lot of time, if you are in a room we do not know. Much easier to use is led lighting combined with drivers and sensors that respond to traffic. The light then turns itself on exactly when someone needs to use the stairs.

Will not react to running cat

Modern motion sensors are very sensitive, delicate and intelligent devices. The light will only turn on when someone is planning to use the stairs. However, it remains dimmed or suppressed when the users of the room only pass the stairs, but they are not guided. Modern motion sensors, unlike older ones, respond only to people. This is a good solution in those houses where quadruped pets live. The sensor does not react to the cat or dog stairs. And that the animals like to walk quite often, you do not have to worry that the lighting on the stairs will be constantly on.

Adjustable sensitivity level

Modern motion sensors allow individual adjustment of the sensitivity level according to the individual needs of the user. This allows the light to turn on immediately when someone enters the stairwell, or only when it reaches the first stage. Sensors quickly respond to changing environmental conditions and turn on the light whenever it is needed. The sensors can be adjusted repeatedly, so that you can adjust the lighting settings by trial and error to suit the needs of all occupants. If necessary, the sensors can also be set to zero sensitivity, which is useful when we leave the staircase for longer and no one will use it.

Internal and external stairs

Traffic sensors in stair lighting will work well for both outdoor and indoor stairs. However, it is important to ensure that, in the case of external lighting, the sensors have better technical characteristics. They should be resistant to moisture, excessive sun, high and low temperatures. It is important that they function smoothly regardless of changing atmospheric conditions.
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