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Open Staircase – What to consider with this special type of staircase?

Open Staircase – What to consider with this special type of staircase?


When building a house or renovating, the question often arises as to how the staircase should be designed. In the case of a staircase that connects individual floors inside the house, people today like to opt for an open construction that looks light and modern. Before making the decision, it is a good idea to consider the advantages and disadvantages of an open staircase compared to an enclosed staircase.


Schönes room design with open stairs


The interior design is a point that speaks today again and again for an open staircase. You cansee through the stairs, so that a view may also be possible on other parts of the room. This makes the room look greener and airier. Light can also penetrate unhindered through the stairs, so that especially during the day brightness that shines through the windows can flood through the whole room. But especially at night a good stair lighting is unforgeable.


stairs are no longer regarded as a purely functional element, but are actively integrated into interior design. In modern interior design, open concepts are often used today, which give the living area a feeling of lightness and freedom. 


An open staircase fits perfectly into such a concept. It can indicate a room division, but without affecting the basic room layout. In modern interior design, open staircaseinstructions, such as spiral staircases or central spar stairs, are often used, which can have a spectacular effect and contribute positively to the design of the room.


What is an open staircase?


In the case of open stairs, the steps are omitted so that the steps lie freely between the two sides of the stairs. Many open stairs are constructed with a metal frame into which wooden steps are inserted. Thus, the open staircase also offersexcellent possibilities for renovation or remodeling. If necessary, individual wooden steps can be easily replaced. 


You can also sand and repaint the steps, which gives the stairsa fresh face again and again. It is also possible to equip the stairs with a cladding that closes open steps. So if you have installed an open staircase and then can not make friends with this look, it is quite easy to close the stairs at night.


What is a closed staircase?


When stairs are closed, there is a connection between steps and steps. Thus, there is no free space between the individual steps. The closed staircase is characterized by a compact design, which conveys a lot of safety. That's why, for example, in the case of stair dogs in multi-familydogs, in most cases such a staircase is chosen. A brick staircase is often used. However, a massive wooden staircase is also conceivable.  


But even within the single-family house,many builders prefer the closed staircase construction, which is usually made of wood. It can separate a room and thus ensure a desired division of the area. It is also possible to close the side wallof a closed staircase. This creates a space under the stairs that can be used as a storage room. Frequently, domestic installations are also accommodated there.


Advantages of a closed staircase compared toopen models


The closed staircase is characterized by the fact that it conveys a higher feeling of safety when walking. With an open staircase you quickly have the feeling that children or petscan slide through the intermediate rooms and get off the stairs. 


However, one should keep in mind that gemäß of the current Building Ordinanceen the space between the individual steps on the open staircase may not exceed 12 cm. Therefore, children and older pets are hardly at risk of falling through the gaps.


  With youngpuppies or kittens, however, the danger can exist, especially because they often like to play on the stairs. Of course, there is also the risk that objects fall through the open staircase and can become a danger to persons if they are under the stairs.


The amount of dirt is another factor that speaks for a closed staircase. On a closed staircase, the dirt collects on eachstep and can be easily removed. Staun and other dirt particles usually remain between the step and the setting step. With an open staircase, on the other hand, the dirt can fall down freely. Even from the upper floors, dirt and dust cancurrently fall through the stairs to the lower floor. 


Therefore, it can often be necessary to clean several times a day if you value on a pristine floor. On the other hand, cleaning the stairs itself isa bit more time-consuming with the bare version. The dirt often settles in the corners and edges of the stairs, so that it is often even necessary to wipe these corners by hand.


With a closed staircase, the impact sound is also a little lower. Some people are particularly sensitive to this type of noise and feel the sound of footsteps on the stairs when they can sound freely through the room in the open construction. However, people who are less sensitive to noise often do not notice any difference between open and closed stairs in this respect.


Loss of heating water due to open stairs


Energy efficiency has become one of the most important points in house construction and renovation today.   An open staircase can make it harder to preserve heat. The heat can spread unhindered on all floors ofthe house. In many cases, however, you might want to limit the heat to the lower floor. On the upper floor are in many houses the bedrooms, which are less heated. 


However, there isa solution if you prefer an open staircase and still want to save heating costs. On the upper floor you can install a tür in front of the stairs. If you close them, it is possible to avoid that the heating heatfrom the lower floor also pulls through the upper floor.


Even closed stairs can be attractive


Anyone who chooses a modern room concept today often wants to create an open staircase thatcan provide an eye-catching highlight in the room. But there are also closed stairs that can look attractive and modern. An example of this is the folding staircase, which is very demanding from a craftsmanship point of view,but can be just as impressive as an open staircase.


So there are many possibilities open to staircase design today. For which execution you choose, depends in the end on your own taste and also on the conditions in your own house.



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