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Stair lighting sets - width 60 cm

Stair lighting sets - width 60 cm
Lighting control - it's not a requirement and necessity of current practices in this regard. The investor expects the installed capabilities of their systems of any configuration, adjust them to their needs. Such capabilities pose a stair controllers offered in the following sub-group. Easy to select the desired operating parameters of lighting - allows virtually unlimited number of combinations of settings. Deciding on an intelligent solution we give ourselves a chance for a comfortable life.


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Lighting sets of stairs - width 60 cm

Stair Lighting is an innovative solution and a range of opportunities, which do not give traditional light sources. The staircase it is difficult to ensure an adequate level of light using an ordinary lamp ceiling or wall lamps mounted on the walls. For always there will be more space and less illuminated. A stair case in a bad light is the risk of a dangerous fall. In the case of lighting stair problem does not exist - each step is in fact the same illuminated, so you can use the stairs in a one hundred percent safe.

The superiority of LED lighting over conventional lamps

The solutions offered by the manufacturers of modern lighting staircase are based on the latest technologies and high-end devices that work together to meet all expectations. The company Restan you will find the best and proven devices that are appreciated by users around the world. LED lighting is a number of advantages, which do not offer traditional forms of lighting. First of all, it is durable and long-lived. Light bulbs need to be replaced fairly often, while the LEDs are much longer. Another advantage of lighting staircase led to energy efficiency. LEDs, although shine in full force from the moment of inclusion, take the network a lot less energy. It is strongly noticeable almost immediately in the form of lower electricity bills.

Any purpose - to internal and external stairs

Kits for lighting the stairs with a width of 45 cm is functional and proven solution that can cope equally well both indoors stairwell or in the lobby with stairs and outside. It can be installed both in residential and public buildings. Ideally suited to hotels, restaurants, theaters, cinemas and wherever it is good illumination of the stairs. Inside the building LED lighting provide the right amount of light on the stairs, and at the same time will be an interesting addition to your decor. LEDs are available in many colors, so you can choose the color of light to the needs of specific interior. Lighting looks great with all kinds of steps, both the timber and made of another material, such as glass, plastics or high quality steel. Outdoor lighting stair well suited to flawless. Stairway lighting kits can be used at the stairs leading to the building and wherever it is necessary to highlight steps to ensure the safety of their users. LED lamps can be used on the stairs leading to the terrace or garden. When it is dark, illuminated staircases ensure the safety and comfort without the risk of falling.

The kit is cheaper and more reliable

Lighting Stairways should buy a kit containing all the necessary elements needed for the installation and proper installation. Why? First of all, because it is less expensive. A kit containing all the necessary equipment costs less than all the components purchased separately. Moreover, a complete set is also sure that the lighting will work flawlessly straight after the installation. All devices are in fact perfectly matched to each other, which guarantees safety, functionality and reliability. By investing in a complete set can be sure that the lighting of stairs will work for a long time and without any faults. This ensures the safety and reliability, and with the unique simplicity of installation. Our sets, although technologically advanced, are easy to mount and programming.

Kits for lighting the stairs with a width of 60 cm provide the right amount of light to illuminate all the stairs. They are suitable for stairs on the number of degrees from 6 to 20. Perfect for so both in the case of small steps, and the large stairs leading to a higher floor. Each step is highlighted exactly the same, which makes use of the stairs is one hundred percent safe. What's more, high-quality drivers for a combination of lighting stair lighting railing or passageways leading to the stairs. Their use will thus be smooth even if the outside light stair not be available to any other light sources.

Set lighting staircase is a complete and convenient solution. One order a number of benefits, which you will not find when buying all the elements separately. What's our unique set of lighting staircase?

1. Reliable stair controller with lots of possibilities

High-class controller is a guarantee that the lighting will always work flawlessly and according to the individual expectations of users. Intelligent controller is a high-tech device designed for this, to allow users of premises such light control, which will be best for them. The possibility of programming the device are numerous. They can be programmed to turn on the light or turn off at a certain time. It is also possible to set these parameters to the stairs shone with full light on when someone uses them, while the rest of the LEDs were somewhat muffled. There is also no problem with the programming device so that light by only the extreme point at each stage. Such light is more subtle, ensure the safe movement up the stairs, and at the same time creates an interesting effect aran? Acyjny.

While the driver of the most modern technologies, the setting and the program is very simple. Each will handle it without using a specialist. In case of any problems with the operation of the machine are at your disposal and we offer professional, comprehensive support.

2. Proven two sensors - motion and dusk

Motion sensors and dusk are compatible with the controller, making it one functional unit. With the use of sensors Stairway lighting will be comfortable and convenient. The lights on the stairs did not have to turn on, because the sensors inform the driver when the lights should turn on itself.

The motion sensor is extremely sensitive and reacts when someone wants to use the stairs. Lighting is switched on immediately before the user enters the first stage, so that provides security from the outset. The motion sensor is an intelligent device that responds only to the people. No worries, the stair lights will turn on every time he goes up the stairs domestic pet. The motion sensor also reacts to the direction of movement - activates the lighting of stairs only when someone actually wants to use it, and not just pass next to the stairs with no intention of entering the no.

Dusk sensor reacts while changing the light intensity. When it gets too dark to be able to navigate the stairs in daylight, the lighting turns on automatically. This is a very good solution especially when lighting stair is on the outside of the building. Every day, depending on weather conditions, twilight may collapse at any other time. With the motion sensor does not need to turn the lights personally or set it to turn on at the same time. LEDs will turn on when it will actually needed.

Both sensors are not only functional, but also durable and resistant to atmospheric agents. They are running smoothly even at high humidity and at temperatures below zero up to - 10 degrees. Lighting stairs located on the outside of the building is therefore as efficient as that is placed inside.

3. Modern and durable led strips

Adhesive tape and waterproof LED diode is simple to install and allows you to adjust its length to individual needs. Every three LEDs on the bar is a place where the tape can be smoothly cut without worrying about its subsequent functioning. Tape LED is very durable and resistant to mechanical damage. Do not destroy even when someone accidentally step on her. It is built with the highest quality leds, selected resistors and proven PCB laminates.

LED strips is easy to install, you can do the job easily cope alone. It is available in two shades - warm and cool white. You can select the color that perfectly fits to the style and color of the interior. The adhesive tape can be attached to virtually any material. This will keep both the straight staircase made of wood, and the steps made of glass, metal or plastics. Once attached tape will be unchanged to serve over the years.

4. Suitable for the whole power supply

Includes lighting will also receive high-end modular power supply produced by one of the world's best manufacturers. Technologically advanced device provides trouble-free operation of lighting for many years. It is durable, functional and it works absolutely flawlessly. It's the perfect complement to a set of lighting, so you can enjoy the beautiful light on the stairs immediately after the installation of LED strips.

Sets lighting of the stairs with a width of 60 cm is an efficient, functional and comfortable solution that ensures the right amount of light wherever it is needed to move safely up the stairs and joined them passageways. They are a great alternative to traditional lighting, and their popularity and recognition among users is constantly growing.

Have a look at the offer Stairway lighting company Restan. All ordered sets of lighting and other products available in our store will ship within 24 hours of ordering.

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