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Domestic Lighting Decorative recessed fittings

Domestic Lighting Decorative recessed fittings
Lighting fixtures are an important complement to the interior decoration. LED ceiling luminaire ideal for placement in suspended ceilings. They may be fitted LED bulbs both 220V and 12V. Fixtures for LED light sources can be used not only for lighting but also the staircase ceilings and façade illumination. Various applications allow individual functional arrangement of space at home and work. Waterproof fixtures can be used in rooms with high humidity such as kitchens and bathrooms. Watertight models for lighting pools or ponds. We offer cheaper models made in extrusion technology as well as high-quality models - cast. The luminaires are fixed without the possibility of adjusting the angle of incidence of the light and adjustable with adjustable angle of incidence of light. The use of LED technology for lighting helps to protect the environment and conserve energy efficiently.

Stair luminaires, ceiling, halogen LED

All types of lighting fixtures are quite an important addition to the interior decoration. It can be said that they bring a lot to our homes and apartments, so they can make them more cozy. It would seem that the lighting does not have much influence on the appearance of our rooms, but nothing more wrong. From lighting very much depends. If we do not fit them properly, it may be bad reflection on the overall look of the living room or bedroom. Light in many cases improves the shape of the rooms and introduces them to a cozy mood. By choosing the color of the light and the degree of brightness, we have an effect on the final effect that will be achieved with these parameters. The number, design and arrangement of lighting fixtures together with the appropriate light bulbs will depend primarily on the size and equipment of the room chosen by us.


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LED ceiling luminaires offered by us are ideally suited for placement in suspended ceilings. These types of ceilings perfectly mask the inequalities, hide the installations, and also lower the space, which is very often necessary in homes where the ceilings are very high. In the suspended ceiling you can spot spotlights or tapes with LED lighting without much problems. Probably everyone is aware of the advantages of using this type of lighting in our homes, so it is possible to use suspended ceilings with LED lighting placed in it, it is worth to use this. For those who are not familiar with the topic, it is worth to add that in this type of ceiling you can successfully place both 220V and 12V LED bulbs. Using a suspended ceiling will be a great solution if you live in a noisy neighborhood where you want to calm your apartment slightly. Its also a great way to mask imperfections such as cracks.

What they all have to remember is planning lighting at the beginning of finishing the apartment. It is important to realize that the use of some of the solutions we require requires appropriate conditions, but also to carry out the installation, which in the case of a finished room may simply not be possible, and if it will involve the need to carry out repairs. Just run your imagination to use the visual features of the light to change the look of the whole room and with it help you can refresh it at any time. I think each of us is bored with the look of the interior, so we want to make small changes in them. Using lighting is possible. Just change the angle, brightness or light color to make our room look completely different than before.

Also keep in mind that the work areas should be adequately lit. Too much work in a well-lit room can have a negative effect on our eyesight, so it can simply go away. If lighting in a restroom is too light it will also have a negative impact on our body. Make sure that the lighting in your room is suitable for the activities you are going to perform.

Luminaires on LED light sources can be used not only for lighting the ceilings but also for stairs or elevation lighting. It is a good idea to light the stairs, especially if they are in a place where daylight is not reaching. Probably all of us had to do with moving up the stairs, where darkness was spreading around, and realizing what it was like and how dangerous it was. All you have to do is use the right LED lighting to get excellent visibility when walking down or stairs. Installing a light sensor in the construction will make the light only illuminate when it detects someone's presence. This will avoid unnecessary illumination of light and thus waste of money.

Various applications allow for individual arrangement of functional space at home and at work. In the case of lighting using modern and innovative LED technology there are no restrictions. They can be used successfully in both indoor and outdoor interiors. Perfectly at home and at work. The huge number of benefits of using LED lighting induces us as users to use it in our home. The use of this type of light source can be really great effects, provided that we put them in appropriate places and set them at the right angle. Do not forget to choose the right color of light, as it plays a large role in lighting residential buildings.

Would you like to use LED lighting in your kitchen or bathroom? Now without any problems you can do it. Waterproof luminaires make our lighting possible in rooms with increased humidity. Waterproof models are ideal for lighting pools and ponds. In fact, LED lighting with waterproof luminaire can be used practically anywhere. No rain or snow at all, so it will also look great under the cloud.

It is worth mentioning here the main advantages that can be attributed to commonly available light sources using LED technology. The strengths are mainly small sizes that allow the use of these sources in many places, generally unavailable for traditional lighting. Due to this, we can illuminate places that until now have not been able to bring light shine, so that we can achieve the effects that we have so far only dreamed. Very high efficiency LED bulbs guarantee relatively small losses when processing electricity into light, and consequently - much lower electricity bills. None of us like to overpay, and when using LED technology, considerable savings can be noted after a month since they are mounted.

The biggest advantage of LED bulbs is the long life span. Traditional light bulbs glow relatively briefly, so after that time it is necessary to replace them, because they stop shining almost immediately, they simply burn out. This does not happen with LED light sources. Branded LEDs have a service life of 30 to 100 thousand hours. What does it mean to the average user? About the fact that after about 30,000 hours of using this type of light source in your home it will lose its brightness, but will not stop shining completely. Will continue to shine, but less. One can be sure - we will not be surprised by the darkness, and if the degree of brightness will in no way interfere with or hinder everyday life, then with the change of the light source LED will still be able to wait.

Do you care about the environment and in no way do you want to contribute to its pollution? If so, light sources using LED technology were created specifically for people like you. The LEDs do not contain any mercury or other harmful substances in the environment, so if anything goes unscathed, it could jeopardize our life or health. Because of their long service life, they are rarely thrown away, so you do not have to worry about disposing of them as much as using traditional light sources. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use even a small amount of chemicals in the production of light sources using LED technology, but there are literally a few diodes in the interior of the diodes, so they are not as harmful as traditional light bulbs. Polish homes.

For an additional advantage we can recognize the low operating temperature. LEDs do not heat up during the light. Taking into account this fact, they can be successfully placed in their chosen places, without fear that nearby objects will be located, which in the long run of the bulb could heat up and cause a fire. At the time of choosing traditional bulbs we can not mount them where we like, but it must be borne in mind that in their vicinity can not be such as wood or wool. Due to the fact that the LEDs do not produce heat, there is no risk that the power supply cables will burn or that the darkest spots on the walls or ceiling appear around the light source.

In our shop there are cheaper models made in extrusion technology as well as high quality models - cast. We have both fixed luminaires without the possibility of adjusting the angle of incidence and adjustable, ie with the possibility of adjusting the angle of incidence. The use of LED technology to illuminate our interiors and exterior spaces protects the environment and effectively saves energy. We have tried to choose the best quality products from top-notch manufacturers, and these are just the ones we have found in our wide range of products. You will find all the products that are needed at the moment to create your chosen design. In order to facilitate your search, we decided to divide the division into 4 subcategories: staircases and staircases LED, LED luminaires, waterproof luminaires and other accessories. This makes it easy and fast to find all the necessary products.

We warmly invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and wish you a pleasant shopping experience!
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