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The technique led in your house

Efficient stair lighting

LED Technologies have recently become the most popular and efficient method of stair lighting. They consume less energy in comparison to older solutions and provide many useful installation options. Such technologies ensure high brightness with low power consumption. They are praised for their extreme longevity and stable performance over extensive time periods.
Modern LED solutions enable the construction of really sophisticated versions of advanced stair lighting. They have quickly become a respected market standard, which has many advantages in comparison to rival technologies. None other method of lighting can guarantee the same effects.

LED profiles - to illuminate the stairs

On the market you can meet with a large range of aluminum profiles. They have different uses and different destiny. In the brief description we will try to bring you the most commonly used aluminum profiles with light steps.
The investor expects that the money invested will allow him to enjoy a unique solution and functionality of selected applications.
Aluminum profiles with light steps usually play the role of masking tape led hiding, which is increasingly being used as a light source with light steps.
The simplest and most widely used solution is to place the aluminum profile in an end formed in the stair riser. Is used here mainly two types of profiles:
"deep" like the model NU-PRO 7


Stairs - the benefits of correct choice.

The stairs are often a prominent feature of domestic space. So let's take care of them at the same time functional and attractive lighting. Good lighting stairs, it is not only the mood and performance, but also safety.

The main task of the stairs is a combination of different levels of functional interior. Wooden, glass, stone, concrete, lined with a soft carpet or PVC, or to facilitate washing stoneware - is up to us to decide how they will look. It is important to blend in with the general arrangement of the apartment or house. With their design should also be noted that the structure of the stairs must be stable, and the materials used to make them and the decoration, durable and aesthetically pleasing. The most popular are the wooden stairs to warm the room. The cold steel is suitable for modern minimalist interiors. The steel structure is an important element of the stairs so. lofts, or storage rooms or factory adapted for housing. Steel harmonizes perfectly with wood, brick, concrete, aluminum and glass. It happens that in our apartments and houses mounted glass stairs. Although generally associated with public places, visually enlarge the interior and give the interior the effect of depth. The interior of a rustic, add a word or a staircase lined with stoneware tiles clinker.

Stairs are an important part of any home. The concrete structure, mounted under construction and finishes much later. The installation of wooden stairs is usually when the house has been restored to the shell closed. Stairs can be round, treatment (angles), single-speed or two-speed with the landing. The provisions for the installation emphasizes that the stairs are properly designed when can be defined by the formula: 2h + s = 60-65, where s is the length of degree h - the height, and 60-65 is the average length of an adult human step, measured in centimeters. Height of the steps in houses and apartments maisonettes should not be greater than 19 cm, and the width of not less than 80 cm, after installing railings. Secure staircase steps should be the same height. Are most comfortable with a two-speed landing, with degrees of height of about 17 cm and the angle of not more than 30 °. An important element of the stairs is a balustrade, which, though not everywhere required regulations, giving their users a sense of security. Railing is also an important decorative element. Can be completely built or openwork. Excellent decorative effect creates a beautifully accentuated with light railing. It is very important for safety reasons is a properly fitted stair lighting.

To modern housing of the light source is introduced with diverse intensity. The design and placement of light so that it formed a unique effect, is a big challenge for the owners. However, you can always seek the advice of a good specialist, or to arrange for a qualified person the whole arrangement. The functions of light in a well-designed in this regard setting can be described as general, topical or decorative. The task is to create a decorative lighting effect of highlighting the specific elements of the interior. This function can be used as both general lighting and localized. Decorative light catches the eye and brings out the charm of nice details. In creating an aesthetic lighting will help, for example, specially designed decorative lamps. Their task is to highlight selected items, such as lighting the stairs, or to create a decorative map of light on the wall, floor or ceiling. For this purpose, use light colors: amber, red, blue, green and yellow, or only white light with different shades of white. Easy to install are also strip light with halogen bulbs or LED, attached to the walls. Such strips perfectly fulfill its role on the wall directly adjacent to the stairs. Create a nice effect not only decorative, but provide secure communications.
Lighting known. local, should expose those places where we carry out some activities. LEDs due to its high brightness are ideal for use in the local light. LEDs present especially in light so nicely. landmark, whose role is to provide a safe and comfortable movement. They can be used to highlight the stairs. It is important to note that the LEDs in lighting orientation, should be able to ventilation. Proper ventilation because it ensures their optimum temperature. Lighting using LED luminaires, check whether they are structurally cooled. They should not be too tightly seal the plaster. Also used for low voltage transformers LED heat up, so it is not worth their tightly zabudowywać. A good solution is to install a simple arrangement of LED strips. They can be mounted along the walls, the finish line is on the line degrees railings. The end result looks very nice.

LED, or light-emitting diodes are solid state light sources, which have a low power and shine to fifty times longer than incandescent lamps of comparable quantities. Their common name derives from the English language - "Lighting Emitting Diode" (LED). LEDs are currently the most technologically advanced light source. Their operation is based on the fact that in the semiconductor, which is part of the diode due to the movement of electrons produced photons, and thus the particles of the electromagnetic field, which is light. When placed in the housing from several to tens of LEDs, LED lamp is formed. LEDs consume far less energy than incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lamps. They are powered by mains voltage or low voltage transformer run. Their advantage is the high light output. Therefore, are used for decorative lighting and utility. LED lighting can be successfully used to lighten the work surfaces - in the bathroom, office or kitchen. It can also be used in lighting serving orientation in dark places, such as on the stairs. Select the source of light with less power.

Comfortable, safe and nice - are key advantages of LED lighting. If you add to these advantages, low power consumption, the LEDs in a short time they will come en masse to our interiors, highlighting their attractive features and ensuring the security of the household.
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