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§1 Introduction

1. Shop Online, operating at and Allegro auction platform (hereinafter: Shop] Multiple Company belongs to RESTAN Remigiusz Stanek, Lutoryż 420, 36-040 Boguchwała, TIN: 813-273-98- 35; REGON 690 704 459 (hereinafter: the Seller].
2. The following Regulation applies to consumers in accordance with the Act Art. 221 of the Civil Code.


1. Shop sells its products through the website and Allegro auction site. The shop sells LED lighting, industrial lighting, accessories for installation of LED lighting, and other goods.
2. The contract of purchase / sale concluded between a consumer and RESTAN. regarding the purchase of the product on the website is a timely and lasts until the time of the contract by the Seller. The place of performance of their purchases of products on the website the delivery address indicated by the consumer. In the case of personal collection of products ordered place of performance is the seat of the Seller: Lutoryż 420, 36-040 Boguchwała.
3. All orders received through the shop are carried out under this Regulation.
4. Purchasing online store can make a person an adult or a legal person (hereinafter: the consumer).
5. These Regulations specify the terms and Online Store, place orders for products available in the Online Store, ordered delivery of consumer products, payment by Consumer product sales prices, the powers of the Consumer to cancel contract and withdraw from the contract and the rules for submitting and processing complaints.
6. To use Online Store, including viewing range Store and place orders for products, it is necessary to:
a) a computer, tablet or mobile smart phone, with access to the Internet and web browser type Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari;
b) an active e-mail account (e-mail);
c) the acceptance of cookies;
d) JavaScript enabled.
7. Viewing the Online Shop range does not require registration.
8. A consumer to place an order, you may also register at the Store, which will create an individual account. The consumer has the ability to access your account by logging in, during which the consumer, given the password.
9. The consumer is obliged to ensure the safety of your passwords and account from unauthorized access.
10. The shop may allow the consumer to order without registration.
11. Account Registration can be done on the page.
12. The condition of the order in the store is to familiarize yourself with the rules on and its acceptance by the consumer.
13. All products offered by Store:
• new
• be free from defects in workmanship
• have the required certificates
• have a manufacturer's warranty
• are admitted to trading on the Polish territory
• have the required authorization in accordance with applicable regulations
• they are acquired by the Seller from eligible entities
14. The consumer can place orders in the shop online around the clock. Orders placed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays will be processed on the morning of the next business day. The consumer after registering and logging in, place an order, indicating the product they are interested in, using the option of adding to your cart. Consumer pressing on the "Place Order" consists Sellers offer to conclude a purchase contract ordered by the Consumer Product and binds it to the consumer of the obligation to pay for the selected products.
15. Store Orders can be delivered throughout the Polish and other countries listed the Delivery tab, or on the second stage of the ordering in Basket Delivery and payment.
16. As part of the Shop-called "basket" Consumer states:
• quantity of the product
• contact information (phone, e-mail address)
• the address to which the product is to be delivered
• details of the company if you want to be a VAT invoice
• method of delivery, and the approximate date of the contract
• method of payment
• discount code entitling them to a discount (if the consumer has the code)
• ready to order linked to an obligation to pay and confirm by pressing "Place Order"
17. The sales contract between the Seller products and Consumer is concluded upon receipt by the consumer from the Seller notification of the acceptance of his offer.
18. After placing an order by the Consumer Sellers, Consumer information from the seller receives mail acknowledging receipt of the offer to the address provided on the registration form.
19. Seller will issue consumer goods, not later than 30 days from the date of the contract, unless otherwise agreed by individual arrangements. In case of delay Sellers consumer may fix an additional term of the contract or terminate the contract.
20. In the event of circumstances preventing the implementation of the order made by the Consumer and resulting from the reasons for which the responsibility of the consumer, or arising as a result of circumstances for which the seller and the consumer is not liable, the Seller reserves the right to suspend the execution of the contract or (in the cases provided for in the Civil Code) withdrawal of the consumer with prior notification to the Consumer.
21. In Store does not have the goods in the price of 0 zł, if such price is visible to the Consumer Store, this means that there was a technical error independent of the Seller. The consumer after noticing this error should contact by email or phone with the Seller in order to determine the price of the product and the correct order.


1. Prices quoted in the shop for products are inclusive of VAT (unless otherwise stated in the offer) and are stated in Polish zlotys or EURO. These prices do not include shipping costs. Prices of products may be reduced in the event of the grant of discount - reduced price will then be shown in the shopping cart. Discount applies only to the product price and no shipping costs. Prices of products marked as "not available" may change.
2. In the case of a foreign language to display the site or in product prices, this means that the default browser Consumer opened foreign language version of the store. If the consumer wishes to use a website in Polish should be in your browser settings to change the default language to Polish and restart your web browser.
3. The price of the product is binding for the price indicated on the cart the product at the time of ordering.
4. The amount of promotional products and factory outlet is strictly defined. Offers and sales last until they are exhausted or the time limit specified by the store.
5. Information on the total cost of the contract is presented to the consumer, after the consumer to choose the form of delivery and payment orders.
6. The Seller reserves the right to change the prices of products on offer, introducing new products to offer the Store, carry and cancel promotions at Online Store, or make changes.
7. Seller does not charge any "hidden" fees. The total cost of the order is visible and binding on the consumer at the time of its approval by the "Place Order" in the store.
8. Forms of service, their costs and payment methods offered by the store are listed on the conditions of supply. Shipping costs are borne by the Buyer (Consumer).
9. Shop Offer does not constitute an offer in accordance with Art. 66, § 1 of the Civil Code.


1. Procurement in the store can be interpreted as follows:
• through the purchase of products offered to the consumer account at an auction platform Allegro
• by purchasing products at the online shop Consumer
• by telephone to order
• by sending orders electronically
2. The fee for a phone call made to the telephone number provided by the consumer is in accordance with the rates of your provider.
• BANK TRANSFER to the account of a consumer, the number of which is shown in the order form
• CASH upon receipt of the product from the courier (download). The maximum value of the download is 5 000 PLN
• CASH upon receipt of the product at the headquarters of the Consumer
3. The condition of the contract is
• in the case of transfer payments to influence the selection the full amount due to the bank account of the Consumer
• to provide a set of required information, ie .: the exact technical specifications of the contract, accurate address data and the correct telephone number
4. The Seller shall make every effort to dispatch execution took place in accordance with the terms indicated on using certain products. If there are compelling legitimate grounds shipping date may be extended, as the Seller shall immediately notify the consumer.
5.Przesyłki courier should be received by the consumer within a further 4 days, counted from the date of dispatch of the Seller an e-mail with that number of the consignment. If within a further 2 days the consignment has not been delivered to the address indicated in the order, the Buyer shall notify the Seller is obliged to determine the fate of the consignment.
6. The consumer is obliged to check the shipment and its proper content. If the consumer sees the damage caused during transport protocol should be drawn up in the presence of the courier damage and immediately notify the Seller of the situation, who will provide further information.
7. Unjustified refusal to accept the shipment by the Buyer shall be treated as a waiver of purchase. Do not receive a delivery for another 4 days of the first attempt to deliver is also treated as a refusal to accept the consignment. The buyer is obliged in this case to cover handling costs, ie. The transport costs incurred by the Seller (including a charge for return shipment to the sender) to the bank account of the Seller to the Buyer pursuant to summons sent to the e-mail address specified in the order. After posting fee Buyer Seller will issue a receipt or invoice on request.
8. The shop is not responsible for product failure or delay in delivery of the ordered product or an order, due to incorrectly specified by the Consumer or inaccurate delivery address. If you need to change the delivery address, the seller may claim reimbursement from Buyer additional costs incurred due to diversion of the consignment to another (valid) address.
9. In order to facilitate and streamline the purchasing process between Store and is conducted Consumer e-mail correspondence. In the context of the consumer will receive a specified at registration e-mail messages related products ordered by him and the status of the order.
10. The shop is not responsible for the blocking by the administrators of mail servers sending messages to the e-mail address provided by the Consumer and for removing and blocking e-mails by the software installed on the computer used by the Consumer.
11. Consumers who are consumers making purchases in the store is able to choose the method of delivery.


1. All merchandise offered a manufacturer's warranty. All goods have been put on the market within the European Union.
2. The basis for the complaint is to have a document confirming the purchase (eg. A receipt, invoice).
3. All technical problems are solved by RESTAN based in Lutoryż 420, 36-040 Boguchwała


1. All products purchased in the store can be exchanged if:
• have factory defects
• the product is incompatible with the order specified on the proof of purchase (receipt, invoice);
- The non-compliance to the color or type of product ordered complaint will be taken into account only if unused (not bearing traces of assembly) products;
- The non-compliance refers to the amount of products in the shipment, the consumer must report the complaint within two days of receipt.
• does not have the properties that the product should have

Is not a manufacturing defect loss or damage to the goods, for which the consumer was informed before making a purchase and also the consumer is not able to advertise the product due to the damage.
2. Conditions necessary to Shop examined the complaint in the Republic of Polish, is the application of the method of your choice:
• through the website seller
• By e-mail notification of the complaint to the e-mail address:
• using the complaint form
and to provide the advertised product with proof of purchase and a complaint protocol. Goods should be returned to the address of the service: Lutoryż 420, 36-040 Boguchwała, through the Polish Post - economic shipment.
3. Conditions necessary to Shop examined a complaint to the European Union outside the Polish Republic is to report it in the manner of their choosing:
• through the website seller
• By e-mail notification of the complaint to the e-mail address:
Service after contact with a consumer will determine the form of delivery and the address to which the goods should be returned with proof of purchase and a complaint protocol.
4. Shop the latest within 14 days from the date of receipt of the complaint shall refer to it and inform the consumer about how to proceed. Shop notify the consumer on how to consider the complaint no later than within 14 days of receipt of your product.
5. In the case of considering the complaint in favor of the consumer, the Seller:
• repair the product;
• replace consumer product advertised on a full-fledged, if repair and replacement of the product will not be possible;
• reduce the price (reduced amount should remain in the same proportion to the price resulting from the agreement, which has a value of goods from the drawback to the value of things without this defect);
• The consumer returns due for the advertised product (only with a substantial defect).
6. In the case of selection by the Consumer specific practices within the framework of the complaint procedure Seller can not perform the way to bring goods into conformity with the contract in case of:
• Consumer choice when it is not possible to meet the Seller;
• When only at excessive cost compared with the choice proposed by the vendor.
7. In order to consider the complaint the consumer is required to deliver the goods with the alleged defect to:
36-040 Boguchwała
8. In the case of considering the complaint in favor of the consumer, store returns cost of returning the product being advertised registered economic shipment through the Polish Post.
9. Consumers registered in the store as "wholesalers" can refer complaints to the address of the Store at any time at its own expense.
10. In the case of a refund for a defective product, the money is returned by bank transfer to the specified account number by the Consumer or postal order. Refund will be made within 14 days of the positive response to the complaint.
11. All images that appear on the website of the Seller May purposes only and all the differences resulting from eg. The Consumer individual computer settings (color, proportions, etc.) can not be the basis for the complaint of the product in the store.
12. In the case of unjustified complaint, the Buyer may, within 14 days of receipt of the decision to apply for a refund of the product to be returned to the consumer by registered mail to the Consumer's expense.
13. In the event of loss of the consignment during transport to the consumer complaint handling, runs after 14 days from the date of dispatch of the order.


1. The consumer may cancel the purchase of goods in the store, without giving any reason either before shipment orders, and after receiving the goods within 14 days from the date of delivery.
2. In the event of cancellation prior to shipment of the product, the consumer should notify the shop using the content of the declaration of withdrawal or other information by sending an e-mail:
3. To meet the deadline 14 days is enough to send a statement of withdrawal from the contract before its expiry.
4. Returned complete product (in the package) along with proof of purchase and received the completed document, a statement of withdrawal (containing the number of the account to which the money will be sent) must be within 14 days (from the date of filing of return) refer to the store to address RESTAN , Lutoryż 420, 36-040 Boguchwała. The buyer has 14 days to deliver the goods in accordance with the declared declaration of withdrawal.
5. Until the return of the goods to the Seller, on the Consumer shall custody of the goods and he shall be liable in damages for any reduction in the value of the goods, resulting from the behavior that goes beyond the necessary steps to get familiar with the product.
6. The Seller reserves the right to withhold the refund of payments collected to the receipt of the returned goods or the provision of the Consumer proof of its origin - depending on which event occurs first.
7. In case of withdrawal from the contract Consumer Seller:
• The consumer will return the fee for returned merchandise;
• The consumer will return the cost of the cheapest shipping method available plain in its offer (shipment by registered mail);
• accept the return of goods sent by the consumer, unless the shipment will be COD.
8. The Seller reserves the right to restrict the right to withdraw from the contract if the order of specific character individually prepared upon request by the Seller or Consumer goods sales harvested to order consumer.
9. If the consumer returns only a part of the contract, after receipt of the return, the consumer is sent a receipt for the remaining products, which the consumer does not pay. In the case of a contract with the seller send the invoice correction consumer invoice. Reimbursement will occur after sending a signed copy of the invoice to the Seller (is allowed to send the scanned document by email:
10. Withdrawal shall not apply in cases referred to in Article 38 of the Law of 30 May 2014. The consumer rights.
11. If the item sold has a drawback consumer can make a statement about reducing the price, or withdrawal from the contract unless the Seller shall promptly and without undue inconvenience to the consumer to replace for the defective goods free from defects or defect remove. Reduced price will remain in proportion to the price resulting from the proof of purchase (receipt, invoice), in which the value of things from the drawback is the value of things without drawbacks.
12. If the buyer is a consumer, you may instead proposed by the Seller to remove defects require the exchange of things to free from defects, or instead of replacing things require removal of defects, unless they bring things into conformity with the contract in a manner chosen by the Consumer is impossible or would require excessive costs in comparison with the method proposed by the Seller.
13. The consumer may not withdraw from the contract if the defect of the product is irrelevant.


1. The consumer has the opportunity to save your e-mail newsletter list Shop
2. newsletter for trade information from RESTAN is sent only to those who have expressed a desire to receive newsletter.
3. The consumer may at any time opt out of receiving the newsletter.


1. By registering Store Customer agrees to place your personal data in the database Shop and processed in order to carry out orders.
2. Lack of consent to the processing of personal data prevents the completion of the contract by the store consumer, and thus prevents the register in the store.
3. The administrator of the customer database is RESTAN Store, Lutoryż 420, 36-040 Boguchwała
4. Database Administrator Store newsletter subscribers is RESTAN, Lutoryż 420, 36-040 Boguchwała
5. By subscribing to our newsletter service customer agrees to the storage, collection, processing and use of the data provided, including e-mail address by RESTAN the purpose of advertising, market research and the behavior and preferences of recipients of the use of that information to improve the quality of services provided by the store, according to the Act of 18 July 2002. of electronic services.
6. Personal data contained in the database Shop and database services for Store newsletter are not transferred to entities other than participating in the execution of the contract or in the process of shipping newsletters.
7. Personal data shall be protected in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997. On the protection of personal data in a way that prevents access by third parties.
8. Consistent with the above. Act, Store Customers have the right to inspect their personal data, modify and delete them.

§ 10 FINAL

1. Seller is not responsible for improper use of the products purchased.
2. The description of the goods found on the Shop website for informational purposes only, and the identification of goods, they are a form of shorthand.
3. Placing Store information on specific products does not constitute their ads, or recommendation by the Seller.
4. Shop has all the copyrights to the posting and sharing photos and content, as the exclusive holder. Any use of photographs and content contained on the website store and auction site will be dealt with in court.
5. In matters not regulated, the rules:
• Act of 23 April 1964. Civil Code.
• Act of 29 August 1997. On the protection of personal data.
• Act of 18 July 2002. Of electronic services.
• Act of 23 August 2007. On combating unfair commercial practices.
• Act dated 4 February 1994. On Copyright and Related Rights
• The Act of 16 February 2007. On competition and consumer protection.
• Act of 30 May 2014. About consumer rights - the law does not apply to contracts negotiated away from business premises, if the consumer is required to pay an amount not exceeding 50 gold
6. Seller due diligence to products sold description corresponded to reality as accurately as possible. Due to the possibility of errors during the update made (eg. The price, configuration, etc.) - any discrepancies or errors will be corrected in the course of the contract.
7. The materials posted on the Store, including its elements are protected by law. Product descriptions, images, scripts, and other files in the Store are owned by Seller or have been used by the consent of the authors or right holders. Possible use of this material requires permission from the Seller.
8. All names of products offered for sale by the store are used for identification purposes and may be protected and registered under the provisions of the Act of 30 June 2000. Industrial Property Law.
9. These Regulations shall apply from 25 December 2014.
10. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions is not intended to affect the consumer rights. There can also be interpreted in this way, as in the case of non-compliance Vendor declares unconditional surrender to and use of this law in place of the challenged provision of the Rules.
11. The Seller reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions. Any changes to these Terms and Conditions shall apply from the date of publication on the Store. Orders placed before the date of changes to these Terms and Conditions are based on the provisions in force on the date of the order.
12. Any disputes that may arise against the implementation of the provisions of these Regulations shall be considered before a competent court.
13. Confirmation of the order in the store, it is clear from reading the consumer with the above rules and accept its terms.
14. In case of doubt as to the interpretation, priority is given to Polish language 

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