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Install lighting in the stairwell

The staircase is usually the first place where you enter the building, going to your own apartment. It is a place where we meet with our neighbors the most and get to know each other. People who grew up in blocks of flats probably remember how they spent hundreds of hours in such cages in young years, spending time discussing and playing with neighbors' children who also lived in a given cage. In the right times past, hardly anyone was concerned that the staircase was clean and aesthetic. In those days, power was being built, usually from a large slab, so that people could live. The development market in present, and this 40 years ago are two different worlds. In modern times, building housing is primarily focused on profit, while during the period of the Polish People's Republic, the provision of housing was in the state's responsibility. Today, to sell an apartment, you must first convince your potential client. In times when one builds on power, such a customer has the opportunity to choose from several, if not more than a dozen, offers. The developer, in order to sell an apartment, must tempt the client with something that will make him stand out from the competition. It can be a price, a better location or attractions located nearby such as a playground for children or a city park. Sometimes, however, details determine the choice of a flat. One of such important details is the appearance of the staircase, which is why the developers put a lot of weight on it and try to make it as aesthetic as possible.

What should a staircase look like?

The staircase should above all provide comfort and safety when moving to the apartment. It should be spacious, clean and well-lit. If we are already in the lighting, it should be located not only inside, but also outside, so that the flat could be easily reached and fear to reach the front door. This lighting is an element that has a significant impact on comfort, aesthetics and safety of use of the staircase. Currently LED technology is used to illuminate frames. Led lamps are arranged in a variety of configurations, most often at the construction stage and they hide in walls and ceilings. A popular solution is also to install LED strips in steps, thanks to which they improve safety and, at the same time, provide the cage with an attractive appearance. It is a common practice to equip such lighting with motion sensors that control the lamps and ignite them when someone approaches them. Thanks to this, there is no need to search the light switch in the stairwell in the dark. It is worth mentioning that LED technology is very energy-efficient and, consequently, environmentally friendly. It is also an extremely durable solution, which translates into the lack of frequent servicing of this type of lighting. Lighting the stairwell is an extremely important matter and it is not worth saving.
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