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Motion sensors - perfect solution on the stairs

Modern lighting solutions combine remarkable aesthetics and original design with functionality and security of everyday use. In the case of staircase lighting, motion sensors that are easy to use are often very popular and, at the same time, contribute to lower energy consumption.

With state-of-the-art lighting and lighting equipment, you'll also find state-of-the-art drivers and motion detectors. Most often included a motion detector and a dusk sensor.

Sensitive sensors

Motion sensors can be individually programmed to turn on when users need it. Modern sensors also allow you to adjust the level of their sensitivity. It is therefore possible to program the stair lighting so that it is switched on when someone enters a staircase, but also so that the light is switched on only when the user enters the first stage. Moreover - it is possible also to regulate the lighting so that the light on the stairs follows the user - the LEDs on the next step light up, and on that already exceeded - they went out.

Light when you need it

Due to the sensors it is also possible to save a lot of electricity. Lighting works only when someone is using the stairs. The rest of the time it can be asleep or glow with much less intensity. Interestingly, motion sensors are not only responsive but also responsive to the direction of movement. They join when someone actually enters the stairs, not as soon as they pass by the stairwell. Sensors turn on the light only when one of the building users enters it. They do not react to pets. This way you do not have to worry that the lights on the stairs will turn on every time a cat or dog runs over them.

Lighting turns on at twilight

Twilight sensors are also very useful for stair lighting, which allows the light to turn on when the light level falls below the minimum set in the sensor. This is an excellent solution for both indoor and outdoor stairs. In the case of stairs outside the building, motion detectors ensure that lighting only works at dusk. During the day, when daylight is sufficient, there is no need to turn on or off the lighting. It will turn itself on.

High quality, modern technology

Advanced stair lighting sensors function reliably and without fail. They are made from top grade materials, are resistant to moisture and mechanical damage. When choosing stair lighting it is worthwhile to invest in complete sets consisting of diodes, controllers and sensors. This way, you can be sure that all elements are matched together and that they will work together without fail.

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