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Motion sensors

Motion sensors
Intelligent LED lighting is a whole lot of solutions, so that they meet the requirements of even the most demanding users. An inseparable element of each lighting set is a motion sensor, thanks to which lighting can be turned on when the user wants to enter a given room, use stairs or staircase.

Modern motion detectors can be installed everywhere where lighting is not needed permanently, but only when someone uses it. They are great for staircases, internal and external stairs and in combination with property lighting. Motion sensors, often also twilight sensors, are technologically advanced devices that provide convenience and functionality for everyday use. They are very responsive and react always when someone wants to use a particular room and also react to the direction of movement. They will not turn on when someone just passes by. They also do not respond to pets, so there is no fear that the lighting will turn on every time an animal will pass by.

Motion sensors have high technical parameters, are efficient and reliable. They have the ability to adjust the sensitivity, so they can turn on when someone enters the room or only when, for example, he climbs the stairs. Sensors are compatible with modern controllers, creating with them a complete set that allows you to adjust lighting.

In addition to excellent functionality, motion sensors are made of high quality materials that guarantee efficient operation for a long time, regardless of the ambient conditions. They can also be mounted outside without any worries. They are resistant to moisture and low temperatures. By investing in motion sensors, you can be sure that lighting will work according to the individual needs of users. The wide range of models guarantees that everyone will find a sensor that meets all expectations.

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