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Led bulb

Led bulb
LED bulbs is the latest technology and innovation in lighting. They combine energy efficiency, perfect design and functionality in use LED bulbs charge only a few watts of power outclassing competitors in the competitors. Neither incandescent or fluorescent lamps are not able to match them. Another advantage is the possibility to choose the color of light in both warm white, neutral white and cold. Some models are offered the opportunity to work with dimmers which further increases their use. You can use them as decorative lights as well as in our main place of work or rest.


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Moc żarówki / Power of led bulb / Leistung
Kąt rozsyłu światła / Beam angle / Abstrahlwinkel
żarówka led e27 100w, żarówka led e27 allegro, żarówka led e27 10w, żarówka led e27 philips, żarówka led e27 20w, żarówk

Led bulb E27 ECO 10W SMART warm white

5.12 Euro2.82 Euro
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żarówka led e27 100w, żarówka led e27 allegro, żarówka led e27 10w, żarówka led e27 philips, żarówka led e27 20w, żarówk

Led bulb E27 ECO 16W SMART warm white

7.68 Euro4.35 Euro
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led bulbs gu10, żarówka led gu10, smat żarówki

Led bulb CANDLE E14 3W SMART

5.53 Euro
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led bulbs gu10, żarówka led gu10, smat żarówki

Led bulb E14 2W SMART

4.30 Euro
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led bulbs gu10, żarówka led gu10, smat żarówki

Led bulb GU10 eco 5W COB SMART

4.89 Euro
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g53 50w, g53 led, trzonek g53, g53 led philips, żarówki g53, g53 żarówka, g53 12v, g53 battlefield 3, G53 50w,  G53 LED,

Led bulb AR111 G53 ECO 12W SMART

32.73 Euro
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g53 50w, g53 led, trzonek g53, g53 led philips, żarówki g53, g53 żarówka, g53 12v, g53 battlefield 3, G53 50w,  G53 LED,

Led bulb AR111 G53 ECO 15W SMART

36.82 Euro
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LED bulb MR11

LED bulb MR11

6.40 Euro
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You care about the environment? Thinking about the future of their children and grandchildren? If so, LED bulb is the natural choice for you - it is environmentally friendly unlike fluorescent lamps LED bulbs do not contain mercury - a very dangerous carcinogenic element. In the production of LED bulbs used substances which, when they reached the end will be disposed of and re-use. LED technology uses the best means efficiency. LED lamps are light and not heat up. Bulbs compared to traditional incandescent bulbs emit virtually no heat. Absorbed energy is converted to light energy rather than heat. LED bulbs with GU10 and MR16 threads easily replace previously used by the State in cabinets and ceiling halogen.
Often the bulbs burn you? Probably. How to read exactly what is written on the packaging, it turns out that the standard bulb shines approximately 1000 hours, fluorescent about 6000 hours, with its life also reduces the switching on and off. How to deal with the undoubted disadvantage? LED bulb eliminates these disadvantages: extremely long life. LED bulbs, life of all our LED products is not less than f 25,000 hours of work and more than 10,000 cycles turn off. That can not offer or incandescent bulbs or fluorescent lamps. LED bulbs with lenses let you choose the angle of employment to the place of use. LED bulbs are available in different color temperatures - warm white, neutral white and cold.
Incandescent and fluorescent bulbs very easily replace the LED. We offer turnkey solutions with standardized socket: LED E27, LED E14, LED GU10, LED MR16, LED G4, G9 LED. There is no need dimensions previously used luminaires. When changing halogens 12 V LED bulbs advise changing the transformer. Suitable power LEDs are of course available in our offer.

LED light bulbs

You need to admit opening - LED bulbs are the latest technological advances and innovations in the field of lighting used in our homes. Increasingly, the Poles are looking for the perfect combination of energy efficiency, perfect design and functionality. Why are they so popular? The main reason is that LEDs light up only a few watts of power while they are on the shoulders of their opponents in the competition. In vain search for light articles that will be able to match them. It has been proven that neither incandescent bulbs nor fluorescent bulbs do very well in comparison with LED bulbs.

LED bulb buyers appreciate the opportunity to choose very light. Everyone has different personal needs and preferences, which makes us the choice to meet them. LED bulbs with warm, neutral and cold colors are available. Without difficulty, you will find a color that will perfectly complement your interior. It is true that some of the models we propose have the ability to work with dimmers, which simply increases their use. Just expand the structure a bit to enjoy more functionality of the selected lamp. The dimming and brightening of the light gives us the ability to perfectly adjust the power of the LED light bulbs to their individual needs.

When looking for LED bulbs, you do not have to limit yourself. They can both serve as a decorative light, as well as play the first violin in a place to work or rest. It is up to you what role you will play in your chosen lighting. Remember to choose the one that will meet your expectations. Before you buy the lighting you need to think about what role it plays in your area. Will you read, study, work or relax, lie and watch TV? Take into account that for the simple relaxation you do not need as much light as to work and learn, which is quite important when choosing a particular lighting.

LED bulb is the most commonly chosen bulb by people who care about the environment, which depends on the future of their children and grandchildren. And no wonder, because it is environmentally friendly, as opposed to traditional fluorescent lamps does not contain mercury - a very dangerous for human and carcinogenic element. Increasingly, mercury is being used in everyday use because of the fact that products such as incandescent bulbs can simply break down and mercury in them can easily get out and have a detrimental effect on us and our loved ones.

Over the last few years, LED technology has gained many followers and is enjoying relatively high popularity in the lighting market. The main advantage of light bulbs contributing to such a state of affairs is the emitting of intense light, of pleasant color to the eye. Also, the more energy consumed by the LEDs, the more energy they provide. One can safely say that buying this type of lighting is very cost effective. The investment returns after a few months of use. You will probably be most interested in the fact that given the prospect of using this type of bulb over the years you can count on quite a lot of savings of the order of 100 or even several hundred zlotys.

Not everyone knows that LEDs emit much less carbon dioxide and harmful UV radiation, compared to other types of lighting. Do you care about protecting the environment and not contributing to the deterioration of the quality of life for future generations? If so, LED lighting should also be found in your home.

It must be emphasized that substances used to produce LED bulbs will be easily disposed of and reused after use. It is of great importance especially for people who care about the environment and do not want to contribute to its pollution. Technology itself uses the best, or efficiency. Because everyone realizes that the main task of light bulbs is to light, not heat. And that is how LED bulbs work. Compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, they only light up and do not emit heat to the environment. It is not difficult to imagine that all energy taken from them is processed only for light energy and not for heat, which can be found in other types of bulbs. LED bulbs with GU10 or MR16 threads are a great replacement for the majority of our customers in cabinets and halogen halls. Be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the lighting and choose only the best light bulbs for your home.

It is also worth to take the life of the bulb. It can not be hidden that some of the life light bulb ends quite fast, which manifests itself with a relatively quick burn. If you read carefully what the manufacturer put on the package purchased by the bulb, you will notice that a normal bulb will serve us for about 1000 hours, and fluorescent 6 times more, which will give us a total of 6000 hours. However, it must be borne in mind that the life of the fluorescent lamp significantly shortens its systematic switching on and off. Can you deal with this undoubted disadvantage? Yes of course. Just choose a bulb that will work out much better than the previously mentioned bulbs. The lifetime of the LED bulb is certainly not less than 25,000 hours of continuous work and more than 10,000 cycles on and off. This will not guarantee you any other bulb, including either traditional or fluorescent lamps.

The lighting found in our shop will be widely used in various types of rooms. Perfectly suited both at home and at work. Actually there are no restrictions in this case. Selected bulbs can be used at any place of their choice and enjoy the good quality of the light emitted by them. However, remember that if you already have a specific luminaire and you will only replace the existing incandescent bulbs, then you have to pay attention to the slots they have. This will make it easier for you to choose bulbs with a dedicated thread for them. It does not make sense to buy a bulb in the dark and to count on the fact that the one we picked at random hit the right one. Check all the parameters carefully to avoid throwing money away.

Do you care about the specific shape of the bulb? The home and office LED lamps we offer are available in a variety of shapes, which is why, of course, there is this specific, sought after by you. There will also be a bit of knowledge on what light bulbs are dedicated to what luminaires. The chandeliers will be suitable for bulbs with a traditional shape that may not fit into the suspended ceilings. If you do not know what kind of light bulbs you will find in your preferred location, ask for the advice of our salespeople who will be happy to give you the advice.

Remember that we offer you only the best. Each LED bulb offered by us is the highest quality of the product and great precision of workmanship. If you do not believe, you can see with your own eyes when you look at the individual parameters of the bulbs we offer and look at them closely. By choosing an LED bulb you will not have to exchange it for the next few years. Think how much easier this life will be for you. So far you have rarely replaced burnt incandescent bulbs? From now on you will do it even less often.

Are you afraid you will not be able to replace traditional bulbs or fluorescent bulbs with LED bulbs? Nothing more wrong. You can do this, plus no problems. We offer ready solutions with standardized sockets: LED E27, LED E14, LED GU10, LED MR16, LED G4, LED G9. You will not be obliged to replace the luminaires currently available, as you will certainly find a suitable product for your luminaire socket. If you want to change the halogen 12V on the LED bulb we also advise changing the transformer. The right LED power supplies are of course available in our offer.

If you choose to choose from our LED light bulbs, you will be able to quickly and easily choose the angle of work to your specific location. Such a feature is very useful, especially when we care about the variable angle of incidence. It is useful, among others. While studying, working or reading books. It is you who decide what angle of light is falling, which will gain your eyes. Bulbs are available in different color temperatures - white, warm white, cold and neutral. If we can give you some advice then take into consideration that warm-colored bulbs will work well in your home or apartment - the place where you are resting and relaxing and the cold colored lights will be suitable for businesses and office rooms. Of course, you do not have to go with this when choosing light bulbs, but this little advice will make it easier for those who have little to do with this type of subject matter. One thing you can be sure of - we are sure you will find a model that will meet your expectations. You will now be familiar with our offer and the parameters of the products we propose to be aware of what you will be dealing with for the next few years. We wish you a nice and successful shopping!
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