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Stair lighting sets - width 90 cm

Stair lighting sets - width 90 cm
Stair Lighting based on 12V - a universal solution. It allows you to enjoy not only the low-power through the use of LED light sources but also allows you to connect the system to the solar kits. Increasingly widespread reliance upon renewable energy sources in the form of photovoltaics requires tailored solutions in the home to such systems. One of them is undoubtedly - intelligent lighting control steps.
Whereas increasing user awareness, we give the appropriate products to meet such requirements.

LED stair lighting for stairs

If you want to buy stair lighting for your interior, you couldn't do better. We offer a wide selection of products that are perfect for stairs and give them a unique look and high functionality. We offer both floor lamps and delicate LED lamps for stairs. Depending on your needs, you will choose products from us that will meet your expectations and help you change the interior. As a reputable store that has been operating on the market for many years, we offer our customers carefully selected products that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding people. Additionally, we provide consulting. We will help you choose the right lighting for the type of stairs you have and present the most important advantages of all the products on offer. If you are from Vien or other Ausria cities, do not wait and choose our offer now.

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set for typical English stairs with 13 steps using the MONO-1 RESTAN controller
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Lighting sets of stairs - width 90 cm

Modern LED lighting kits is for people who want good lighting combined with interesting unique design. Lighting sets based on the tape led an excellent alternative to traditional lighting. They prove themselves everywhere where ordinary lamps do not provide enough light. One of such places are stairs - installed in the stairwell ceiling lamps, even the most powerful, can not provide proper lighting anywhere on the stairs. Things will be more or less well-lit, as in the case of stairs is associated with low safety of their use.

The company Restan you will find a wide selection of high quality lighting staircase, designed for all kinds of interiors. For your convenience we have created a functional and easy to assemble kits that ensure trouble-free and long-lasting effect. Choosing our products can be confident that they will receive the device fully functional, efficient and reliable. Our LED lighting enjoys popularity among users, and with its unique advantages used by customers around the world. All our customers, we offer professional advice on the selection of lighting staircase. If you have any questions or do not know which package would be ideally suited to your needs, please contact us - will adjust the lighting so as to meet all the expectations of its future users.

Stair lighting can be installed inside and outside the building

Lighting sets of a solution that is excellent with all the stairs. The choices are sets tailored to different amounts of degrees - depending on your needs, you can choose kits tailored to a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 20 degrees. This ensures both light few stairs leading to the building and a large number of steps leading to the next floor in the house. Lighting kit excels not only in residential building but also in public buildings, cinemas, theaters, restaurants or hotels. Modern LED lighting can be installed inside the building and outside. In the latter case, stair lighting will provide much better security use the stairs than any other form of lighting.

Low voltage - safety and energy efficiency

Lighting based on LEDs are efficient, functional and energy efficient. Low voltage 12 V ensures that even if all the LEDs are full of light, the energy consumption of the network is small. And that translates into lower electricity bills. What's more, low voltage also ensures safety. There is no fear that in case of any failure the set will be a risk of electric shock. Sets LED besides safety and efficiency also ensure strength and longevity. The lighting is efficient and can be use for many years, and all the LEDs will work just as reliably as immediately after the installation of stair lighting.

LED lighting sets a width of 90 cm can be mounted on all the steps of - both those traditionally made of wood, as well as the steps made of glass, metal or various types of plastics. The wide lighting provides the right amount of light for the whole staircase. With such a wide lighting there is no need to install traditional lamps. Same LEDs on the stairs enough to be able to seamlessly use the stairs.

Why buy a kit?

Lighting kit staircase with a width of 90 cm contains all the necessary elements that are needed to lighting work flawlessly. Just all devices and tape properly installed, to be able to immediately enjoy the unique light source. When buying a kit, you can be sure that all the elements work together perfectly and are matched to each other in every respect. If the individual elements of the set lighting kupowałoby separately, there is always the risk that any of the devices will not cooperate with the other. In the set there are no problems.

Lighting kit is also a more economical option. Set price is lower than the amount that would emerge after summing up the prices of all items included in the kit. Includes lighting staircase are 4 key elements by which the lighting of stairs is a complete, functional and efficient immediately after installation.

Each set lighting staircase with a width of 90 cm are:

1. Smart and reliable stair controller

The control device contained in the kit Here, one of the best devices on the market. Intelligent and technologically advanced controller is the command center of each stair lighting, regardless of the place in which it is mounted. The controller allows to program the light to meet the individual needs of users. You can program the device in such a way that włączało light after dark or when the intensity of daylight decreases due to poor weather conditions. The lighting can also be programmed so that in use the stairs LED will be lit at full power and during the rest of the light will be very soft and dull. For large and long steps it is also possible to personalize these lights to LEDs lit up only a few degrees before the moving member, and after passing extinguished. Choices is really a lot, everything depends on the imagination and the needs of users.

The driver to operate the stair lighting is simple to use, and its programming on the relevant parameters in just a few moments. Moreover, when the first set does not meet the expectations of end users, the driver can quickly and efficiently reprogrammed. All new settings work immediately after they are saved in the device.

2. The sensors react to light and movement

With two intelligent sensors, which work with the controller, you can forget about the manuscript on and off the lights. LEDs on the steps will involve the same when it comes to driver information from the sensor of the changed conditions.

The motion sensor reacts when someone comes up the stairs and then turned on the light. LEDs light up on the steps before entering the first grade, which increases safety. Moreover, the sensor reacts to the direction of movement - light does not turn on when someone passes just next to the stairs, but do not intend to not enter. The sensor does not react well to pets that run the stairs several times a day.

Dusk sensor reacts while changing the intensity of the light and allows you to turn the lights when getting dark. This is particularly important, especially when the illumination of stairs located outside the building. LEDs on the stairs provide much better security to move in the dark after degrees than any conventional light source.

Both sensors are extremely sensitive and react instantly to changing environmental conditions. The devices are high-quality, durable, robust and reliable. They work flawlessly regardless of the weather - even at high humidity or during cold weather. Lighting Stair therefore never fails and always turns on when the need arises.

3. High-end led strips

The led stirps to this piece of kit that is most visible. It is first and foremost extremely stable and durable, resistant to mechanical damage. Even with prolonged use tape looks as good as soon as it is attached. The tape is waterproof and adhesive, it can be mounted on the stairs made from virtually any material. LEDs operate flawlessly even at high humidity, making outdoor lighting based on LED tape works flawlessly even when it rains or when it snows.

On the led strips at equal intervals are placed LEDs. Every three LEDs is a place where you can safely cut the tape to match its length to individual needs. The tape is available in white and warm white, cold. So you can adjust the hue of light, so that presented the best in the interior. Mounting LED strip is simple and should not cause any problems. Mounting does not require the services of a professional, you can do them yourself.

4. Functional modular power supply

The last element in the set staircase lighting is a high performance modular power supply. The device is manufactured by one of the world's leading manufacturers of these items. It is efficient, durable, long-lived and reliable. This ensures trouble-free operation staircase lighting in all conditions.

When ordering a complete set of lighting, you can be assured that they will receive a comprehensive solution to help your stairs almost immediately will take on a new word, they become functional and safe for users. All offered by our company is a device with superior products that meet all necessary standards in terms of both comfort and for safety. Set for lighting the stairs with a width of 90 cm will provide excellent light without the need for traditional lighting.

All products available in our shop we send to the customer within 24 hours. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our wide range of lighting staircase. If you have any questions, we provide support and professional advice.

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