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LEDs strips waterproof rubber casing

LEDs strips waterproof rubber casing
LED strip in a rubber cover is a convenient and modern lighting solution, which works great as an additional source of light in residential, utility or service interiors. They will glow the interior, and at the same time they can create a unique atmosphere and mood. The tapes are available in two colors - warm and cold white, thanks to which they can be adapted to your own needs. They have several colors to choose from, which also makes it easier to light any interior. 

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Napięcie zasilania / Voltage / Versorgungsspannung
Ilość diod (rolka 5m) / Led quantity (5m) / LED Menge (5m Rolle)
Moc na 1m / Power consumption 1m / Abgabeleistung 1m
Klasa IP / IP protection class / IP Schutzklasse
Typ diody / LED type / LED Typ
Strumień świetlny (metr) / Luminous flux (meter) / Lichtstrom (m
Warm white led strip -SMD5050 300 / 5m - led strip - led strip
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LED strip 5m rubber watertight shielded  - warm white
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LED strip 5m rubber watertight shielded - cold white
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The tapes are made of modern raw materials, durable, reliable in all conditions, and also resistant to moisture. They can be installed both indoors and outdoors. They are easy to assemble and flexible, they are fixed with a durable double-sided tape.

Due to LED strips, you can create unique and personalized lighting solutions. Ideally suited for lighting different surfaces in the kitchen or bathroom, illuminate shelves, alcoves, attics, cornices. It is also possible to mount them in gardens, on terraces or in other places on the property, which need an additional source of light. Choosing LED strips you can be sure of perfect functionality and trouble-free operation. They cooperate with controllers or other elements of advanced lighting systems without any problem. What's more, they also have a high level of energy efficiency and they consume little electricity on the grid. Thanks to such lighting, we will certainly save on electricity bills.

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