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Lighting external stairs

Exterior stairs lighting is just as important as the light on the staircase. And sometimes even more important - the movement of the external stairs is heavily dependent on atmospheric conditions. When it is wet or slippery, the more important the light sources are.

In the case of lighting the stairs we have a choice of lighting options. Choosing concrete solutions, however, is always worth considering the individual needs of a particular property and the purpose of the stairs. Another light needs stairs leading to the building, and completely different lighting is indicated on the steps leading to the garden or other elements of the property.

Lights are better than traditional light sources

Outdoor lighting should be functional, functional and reliable. It must also provide adequate light supply to the entire surface of the stairs. It is therefore worth to take a look at the solutions offered by LED lighting. Efficient and reliable lighting of the stairs will be ensured by, among other things, led strips, mounted directly at each stage. Thanks to that, the entire staircase will be well lit, making it easier to navigate. When mounting strips on the stairs it is also recommended to install them on handrails, which will further increase the safety of use.

Modern solar solutions

Solar installations using renewable energy sources can also be an interesting solution. Lamps and solar lanterns do not need to be connected to a power source - they are charged through the sun during the day. Installations in the lamps convert sun energy into electricity, accumulating it and allowing the stairs to light when it is already dark.

Sensors will turn on the lights

In the case of the staircase, as well as in the staircase, the lighting fixtures, which, in addition to the tapes and leds, also contain drivers and motion and dusk detectors. This way, you will not have to watch the lights turn on just after sunset - the LEDs will turn on themselves. In the case of outdoor lighting, dusk sensors are very important to respond to changing lighting conditions. The light on the stairs should not only be in the evening, but also during the day when the sky is suddenly darkened and overcast, and the daylight will be less.

Sets of high technical parameters

Outdoor lighting should not only be functional, but above all durable and reliable. Therefore, when looking for lighting sets for stairs outside the building, it is worth paying attention to their quality and technical parameters. All elements included in the kit should be resistant to moisture, low temperatures and wind. Only then will they function flawlessly regardless of the atmospheric conditions prevailing.
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