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LED lighting for wooden stairs

LED lighting broke into the salons over thirty years ago, revolutionizing the lighting manufacturers' industries. This technology has made a sensation from the spot and has been used all over the world. It is used practically for everything from lighting rooms, through lighting decorative elements inside the apartment, and creating illumination on the facades. It is a universal method, durable, environmentally friendly and extremely practical. With the use of LED lamps and strips, you can design any variation of light in virtually any place we want. These lamps are available in all possible colors, and due to their small size they can be arranged in any shape and arrangement. It can not be surprising, therefore, the multitude of their use in everyday life. People use them at every opportunity, illuminating home appliances, aquariums and stairs.

Ways of lighting wooden stairs with LEDs

Led lamps in special frames can be mounted on wooden stairs according to your own I see. It is possible to mount them under the step, in the angles between the step and the riser, on the finished stairs or in the milling cutter under the step in case the stairs are still at the finishing stage. As already mentioned above, it is possible to use any color of light. LED backlighting of wooden stairs makes them look extremely effective. This is not the only advantage of using such a solution. A properly lit stairs will give us security without having to turn on the light throughout the staircase. We can obtain additional comfort using lamps with motion sensors. In that case they will only turn on when someone passes nearby and they go out when they leave. This will save you money and time. The most popular solution when using LED lighting for wooden stairs is linear lighting. Longitudinal luminaires with led lamps are then mounted in specially milled slits under the steps, due to which they provide elegant lighting, and at the same time they enjoy the aesthetics of their appearance. If the wooden stairs that we intend to illuminate are in the open air outside the building, it is necessary to use covers made of materials resistant to corrosion and weather conditions. Aluminum profiles that have previously been subjected to the anodizing process can be used for this. Due to this, it gains extraordinary durability as well as an aesthetic coating.

Lighting of stairs with LED lamps has already become a standard solution used in newly built or renovated homes and apartments. This is an extremely aesthetic solution and extremely functional. An additional advantage of using LEDs for lighting stairs is their low energy consumption. In addition, they are valued for their versatility and the possibility of using them in virtually any form dependent only on fantasy.
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