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Comfortable, functional and safe stairs - what to remember at the design stage?

In order for the stairs to fulfill their task both in terms of aesthetics and functionality, they should first of all be perfectly designed in accordance with the expectations of future users. Their appearance and exact construction are included in the architectural design of the building. Due to this, contractors know where in particular the stairs will be placed, whether they will be in a staircase, or whether they will be open and placed in one of the representative rooms. Already at the design stage, you must also consider whether the stairs will be poured out of concrete at the stage of raw state, or whether they will be self-supporting stairs, which will be assembled much later, at the interior finishing stage.

The people who decide on the individual architectural design of the building have the biggest influence on the appearance, location and finishing elements of the stairs. Thanks to that, they can choose specific, tailor-made solutions. The stairs will be where they want. However, people who build a house based on a purchased, ready-made project have much smaller possibilities in this respect. The design can be slightly modified in terms of finishing materials or the appearance of stairs, but changing their location may be unrealistic. If the investor wants to change the location of the stairs, significant changes in the project will be necessary, and this will involve large additional costs. Most often, the stairs must stay where they are in the original design.

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