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The MILIGHT, a million possibilities, remote management, or phone. Smart House within a mobile phone or laptop. The system can build according to your needs and append the led strips, LED bulb, downlight luminaires. You can choose either RGBW or monochrome systems. Applications available on the Android platform and Apple.

MILIGHT system is designed to control lighting. It has a million opportunities, management is remote or mobile. Smart House is within range of a mobile phone or laptop. The system can build according to your needs and append the led strips, LED bulb, downlight luminaires. You can choose either RGBW or monochrome systems. Applications that support system can be easily downloaded from the proponents of software platforms for Android and Apple.

Amazing is the fact that interior design does not end today on the project and its implementation. Changes can be made at any time and determines a person with a hand controller, eg. In the form of mobile device. Traditionalists can also use the traditional wall switch or remote control handy. The service is trivial, just iPhone or similar device through Wi-Fi to control lighting throughout the house, apartment or business. What's more - an integrated memory lets you capture the best personalized settings to be able to use them in the future.

To install the system is not required to help electrician. Efficient use of energy charged and thus consumes less than he used with conventional solutions. Bills are lower by 80%. At the same effects achieved through Milight they are unique, with a choice of several million colors, durability LED is 50 thousand. burning hours, or up to 25 years!

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Mono amplifier MILIGHT - FUT036

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Milight - control the light

With today's mobile phone you can do virtually anything, so why not use it to control the light? The MILIGHT system is a million possibilities closed in one small device that can be controlled by a special remote control or a regular mobile phone. Well, who would not want to be the owner of an intelligent home within the reach of us in the everyday life of electronic devices? In fact, you can be the creator of your own system that can be built in a few moments by attaching components such as led strips, led light bulbs or downlight luminaires. It is you who decide which systems you choose. RGBW and monochrome options are available.

Applications designed to control the light can be downloaded to your Android device, as well as all kinds of Apple electronics, in one short moment. The MILIGHT system was created primarily for people who want to make life easier in their daily lives and save as much time as possible to perform the simplest tasks. It has one million capabilities, and its management is also done using a specially designed remote control. You do not have it at hand and you are working on a laptop? You can also use it to control the lighting in your home.

It would seem that the interior design ends with the creation of the project and its subsequent realization. Nothing more wrong. Even in the last button of the room, changes can be made at any time, which will most certainly be noticed by everyone. The person decides about the person at hand holding the controller in the moment, eg in the form of the selected mobile device. Were you bored with such a solution? Without any problem you can go back to the traditional light control, which is the use of a wall switch or handy remote control.

These older people have the impression that using light control applications will be too difficult and simply overdone. You do not have to worry about it because everyone is able to control it and it is intuitive. Just a simple smartphone with WiFi access to control lighting in the whole apartment, home or even a business. This is an excellent solution when it comes to illumination of large buildings where walking from room to room and lighting or lightening can be very tiring.

For those who already have an interest in MILIGHT at this point, it is worth adding that it has an integrated memory that preserves the best personalized settings to be able to use them again in the future. All you have to do is adjust the lighting best according to you and select the appropriate button on the screen to illuminate the whole house just as you wish.

Are you worried that you will not be able to install the system? There is no need for an electrician to do this, because you are sure to do very well yourself. The MILIGHT system has many advantages to consider when deciding whether or not to have a place in our home. One of the biggest is the efficient use of energy, which makes it less consumable than conventional solutions. It is a sport saving, as bills can be lower even by 80%! Believe that the results you get from MILIGHT will go beyond your wildest expectations. They are unique and unrepeatable, not to be found using any other device. Several million colors are available to you. LED lighting is extremely durable as it provides almost 50,000 hours of lighting, which translates into almost 25 years!

Were you bored with traditional lighting? Looking for an alternative to the lamps you have been looking for? The MILIGHT system offers 16 million colors to give you the unique effect you will be able to create. Some bulbs refuse to obey us after a short time of use, which in many cases can make us very upset. If you choose to buy the system we offer, you will not have to worry about the life of your lighting anymore, because without any problems it will be faultless for at least the next 20 years, and probably even longer. The ubiquitous fashion for ecology encourages us to protect the environment. Do you have the option of not lighting up unnecessarily light? Take advantage of this and with one click turn off the lights that cast a bright glow that you do not need at the moment. In this case, using this solution, compared to conventional lighting you will be able to significantly reduce your electricity bills, in some cases even several times. Probably a tempting proposition, not only for lovers of saving.

Wondering if MILIGHT is a system created for your home? We can answer this question now. Yes, MILIGHT is a system created for you and anyone else who values ​​convenience, comfort and the ability to save money. The system we offer will be the perfect solution for your home. The offer includes lighting points with the most popular shafts in the market: e27, e14 or gu10. For this downlight with a mounting diameter of 120mm. In fact, the lighting points will be the perfect lighting for your home, and you will not be forced to use any other companion. The lighting points we offer will also find their use in the night lamps you use for evening reading, or in the free-standing lamps, which as often as small lamps are used by us in everyday life. You can also use them in hanging lamps, wall lamps or any kind of ornamental luminaires. There are no restrictions, no problem you can use them where you want. There is nothing to prevent these excellent quality points from being used as backlighting in the walls or glass shelves, which will give you a pretty pleasant effect and create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Proper lighting is able to add a specific room of character and make it a night place that will be unrecognizable during the day. It is thanks to the lighting points you will be able to change a lot in your house in a relatively short time. Every apartment needs sometimes so. Refresh. Even a small change can make us feel better, and it will be much nicer for us to spend our free time there. The pleasant atmosphere is conducive to both leisure and work done in it is much more effective. With MILIGHT you can change the mood of your apartment in seconds without having to move your armchair, is not it great?

Installation of the system is really very simple and can be carried out in just a few seconds. You do not have to worry if you do not have any experience with this type of work because you do not need it at all. Adding a completely new item to the installation is by connecting it to the installation by selecting the appropriate group to which you want to assign a tape driver, a spotlight, or a downlight (just depends on which one you choose) and that's all. There is nothing else but to choose the right color scheme for your room using a smartphone or a dedicated remote. Remember that you can return to traditional light control at any time, to turn the lights on and off using the light switch on the wall.

The MILIGHT system is an excellent proposition especially for people who are bored with the present decor of their home and want to make quite a few changes with small actions. By using it at any time of your choice, you have the opportunity to change the lighting arrangement, not only in the room you are in, but also throughout the house, so you will never get bored. With his help, you will surprise your guests who are envious of your possessions and want to have them at home.

Probably all of us have experienced a situation where, while watching TV or doing anything else, he wanted to darken the light, and simply did not want to get up from the couch. If you decide to purchase the MILIGHT system you will be able to forget to get out of bed to turn off the lights. You will not have to look for a pilot, who is often not at hand. All you have to do is to have your smartphone with no one in the Internet age, and with it you can brighten, darken, and even turn off the light. The great advantage of this solution is also that even when you leave your home and you are away from home you will be able to control the lighting in it. All you have to do is click the one button and the lights in your home will go out or re-light, which will also be a great deterrent for uninvited guests who might be trying to visit you in your absence.

If you would like to have MILIGHT in your home, we would like to inform you here that all the necessary elements that can be incorporated into this state-of-the-art and innovative lighting management system are available in our offer. We warmly invite you to review the articles available in our store and we encourage you to purchase!

All components that can become part of the current state of the art lighting management system, are available in our offer. Welcome!

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