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Alexa Series

Alexa Series
Milight brand lighting solutions guarantee the highest quality and reliability of products. RGB controllers and remote controls to control lighting is a solution that is ideal for an advanced and complete lighting system based on led lighting. All available products come from a reputable manufacturer, they are functional, durable and durable, and they work without any problems in all conditions. They can be ideally matched to other lighting elements, resulting in a convenient lighting system both indoors as well as outdoors. The products are resistant to mechanical damage and negative moisture.

Led lighting is a perfect solution for practically any interior, both residential, as well as utility, office or industrial. The available selection of products guarantees that every user will find such models of devices that will be one hundred percent suited to his individual needs. For all devices the manufacturer gives a guarantee of quality and a comprehensive manual, which facilitates familiarization with the device and its perfect connection or programming. Choosing LED type lighting you can be sure that we will obtain a durable, trouble-free and long-lasting source of light, which will not only perfectly complement traditional light sources, but will also affect the mood and functionality of the interior. Milight products are a guarantee of the highest quality and reliable operation for a long time.

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MILIGHT YT1,   MILIGHT - YT1, futlight, pilot wifi


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MILIGHT  - YL1,   MILIGHT  - YL1, futlight, pilot wifi


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MILIGHT  - YL5,   MILIGHT  - - YL5, futlight, pilot wifi


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