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Smart Panel Controller

Smart Panel Controller The control panel Milight is an essential element of the complementary system. When deciding to purchase, select a quality product that will serve you for years, and make the management of the lighting in your home or company becomes easy.

With the touch panel fitted as a wall, at the touch of a fingertip you conjure up in its interior a magical atmosphere only with the help of light. Proposed in this category panels are modern devices that can also act as a dimmer. Depending on the model, they may operate, for example, RGBW color selection diodes. Controls are easy to use. With the touch panel and comfortable pitch, brainstorming different lighting parameters.

Proposals control panels also feature memory functions, so you remember the last setting. If it is optimal, will allow you to immediately enter the room your favorite climate.

With the help of a single device can support up to four zones and this number still expand. Isolated programmed the division and decide which points of light will work at any given time. We propose control panels are one of the basic elements of action smart home. Most importantly, the system Milight you can enter into your interior at any time and you do not have to do this to organize onerous repair.

The control panel is a great product for people who appreciate the ecology and economy. To establish such a level of light that is you need at any given time and also prevent the senseless shining diodes. The settings made using the remote control are also an excellent solution for businesses.
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