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Stick stairs – choice of materials, insulation and more

Stick stairs – choice of materials, insulation and more

When the house is renovated, the stairs should not be neglected. Often there are clear footprints on the steps, which give the stairs an old, unkempt expression.  There are several ways to give the stairs a fresh face. For this it is also not necessary to change the stages. Today you can glue steps and thus provide a great new look.

What can stairs back live with?

There are a number of materials that can be used to glue the stairs. This allows the possibility to choose the stair covering in the way that best suits your own living style and personal taste.

Living worlds for good with carpeting on the stairs

For example, you can opt for carpet that can be glued to the steps. If the entire living room is carpeted, the carpet can also fit harmoniously on the stairs. A warm, homely ambience can be achieved and the carpet also feels pleasant when walking down the stairs with bare feet. 

Carpet also absorbs the sound, so that there is no nuisance from footsteps on the stairs. It also offers a non-slip surface that can contribute to the safety of the stairs.

Laminate - Practical and elegant

Ihave a wooden floor laid in the living area, so you would like to continue the same look on the stairs. Laminate is a wonderful way to revive ugly stairs. The material is mainly made of wood and isavailable in many shades and patterns. So you can coordinate it excellently with the floor covering in the living area. Laminate on the stairs also goes very well with a parquet floor. 

The laminate can be glued to any stair covering. For this purpose , special adhesives are offered in specialist shops, with which a firm hold can be achieved. One advantage of laminate is its easy-care properties. Dirt can be easily removed by damp wiping and the flooring offers a wood look, but it does notrequire the high maintenance known from wooden floors.

Doubling the wooden staircase

An old staircase with wooden steps can be brought back into shape by placing new wooden boards over the old steps, which largely imitateit. In most cases, however, no glue is used here, the new stairs are screwed onto the old wooden flooring. This method of staircase renovation allows to preserve the original character of the staircase.

Beautiful tilen for concrete steps

With a staircase made of concrete you can also attach tiles. These are also easy to maintain and can remain as beautiful as new for many years to come.  Today, there is a large selection of tiles that are suitable as a stair covering. 

You can opt for subtle monochrome tiles, with which you can achieve an elegant look. However, there are also many tiles in beautiful patterns, with which interesting accents can also be set on the stairs.

Stick complete stairs or only steps

With an open staircase, the renovation is easier, as there are only steps that need to be glued. With a closed staircase you have to decide whether you only want to glue the steps, owho also wants to renovate the setting steps at the same time. 

It is worth taking a close look at the stairs. If the setting stages are still in very good condition, they do not necessarily need to be glued. However, it should also be borne in mind that theoverall impression of the staircase can be negatively influenced if the setting steps look old and worn in contrast to the steps.

You should also pay attention to how the new surface, which you want to stick on the steps, fits the old setting stepsn. If you opt for a new look for the staircase, it is possible that the new flooring and the old setting steps do not form a good harmony. 

In most cases, therefore, it is worth the decision to glue the setting steps at the same time as the steps. The result will certainly be more attractive and you will not be disappointed with the work in the end.

What needs to be considered when gluing the stairs?

The preparation of the stairs is important if youwant to achieve a good result in gluing. To do this, all old coverings, paint or varnishes must first be removed. If there is damage to the stairs, they must first be repaired before the new coverings can be glued on .

If a staircase is to be covered with a porous substrate such as wood or natural stone, it is advisable to apply a primer before gluing. Otherwise, it is possible that the stair step absorbs the glue and not enough adhesion arises. With a very porous substrate, it can even happen that the adhesive seeps away even further later. 

Then the new surface dissolves quickly. The adhesive is then applied to the primer, which should be chemically matched with theprimer. As a rule, a two-component adhesive with a high adhesive force is used, which holds the new coating firmly on the steps.

Moderne LED Stripes for stair lighting

While renovating the stairs, it is worth taking a look at the stair lighting and possibly improving it. One should be aware that well-lit stairs increase safety on the stairs. Instead of relying on conventional lighting, you shouldtake a look at the modern LED stripes, which you can simply stick on the stairs.

LED Stripes is a self-adhesive tape that is covered with a variety of small LED lights. They are very flexible and can beeasily adapted to the shape of steps or walls. Since the stripes only need to be glued on, such an improvement of the stair lighting can be  carried out without much trouble.

There are two waysto attach the LED stripes to the stairs. The stripes can be placed on the undersides of the stairs and bathe each step in a soft, glare-free light. However, you can also mount the LED stripes on the wall above each step. This makes the course of the staircase easily recognizable and the staircase is safe to use even in the dark. 

However, the LED stripes do not only bring an advantage in stair lighting from a functional point of view. They are also a very stylish element that can stage the architecture of the staircase in a spectacular way and visually enhance the room.


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