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LED light bulbs - remote control

LED light bulbs - remote control
Bulb Milight are basically two devices combined into one. This product is a source friendly to the human eye the light, which can be controlled using Wi-Fi. This type of solution is very modern and very comfortable in everyday use.

Bulb Milight at home can perform a variety of functions, from being the main interior lighting through decorative functions, for example in plafonach. This product has a handle on the most popular size E27, making light bulb Milight can successfully replace traditional products of this type. By using LED lighting is a very energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, because its interior is not dangerous, carcinogenic mercury. Certainly you feel the savings.

Bulb Milight also allows an interesting arrangement of the interior, through the use of RGB, or color change light bulbs. So you can also choose warm or cool white shade and enjoy the friendly light fitting in the circumstances. Colored lighting adds interior climate.

Bulbs Milight can be grouped, and their number in the group does not affect the use. With the use of special remote control, which can also be a smartphone running Android or iOS, easily add another lamp for the driver or delete it. Bulbs Milight you purchase also included with the Wi-Fi router and other useful gadgets.

Bulbs created within the brand Milight have the ability to light the durability of tens of thousands of hours, which in practice allows for even 25 years of trouble-free functionality. As a result, once the purchased product will serve you for many years, really. Certainly it will be a purchase that quickly pays for itself.

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