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5-20 stairs - stair lighting kit controller + sensors

5-20 stairs - stair lighting kit controller + sensors


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When customers begin setting up their homes intelligent lighting systems do not always know how many elements will ultimately highlight, or having a lot of degrees, they do not want to install illumination at each. For those undecided, for cost-conscious, or for thinking about leaving his options for the future - we have prepared a starter kit without a dedicated amount of stairs for such a system. Speaking about the special controller and two sensors.

Range is 5-20 stairs, as much light output controller is assigned a flexible solution proposed here. It works with motion sensors having within itself the twilight sensors. Hence the numerous setting options.

The most interesting feature included brightness setting at standby modem, and 3 modes to choose from, when the lighting is not active. Mode all off; light mode of extreme points of light or third - all the points of light shine. Besides, traffic control landing, or are simultaneously control the movement from the bottom and up the stairs when users use two opposite directions. The light may light up or going out jumply or smoothly. Time of ignition and extinction may also be adjusted.
We value individual solutions. We are happy to assist in modifications, bearing in mind, of course, a corresponding change in prices.

 Stairway lighting kit - using LED strip.
The kit includes
motion sensor, motion sensor for stair, stair motion sensor, motion sensor for staircase, staircase motion sensor
A complete set for stair lighting allows you to create a unique decorative effect on each staircase. The set comes from a proven and reputable manufacturer that gives a long warranty on all its products and ensures the highest quality of use of drivers and other components of the set. The set includes intelligent and functional controller and two motion sensors with any sensitivity adjustment. The set for stair lighting can be easily adapted to individual needs, the number and size of stairs and other preferences. Many levels of programming and functionality allow for different lighting adjustment options in the interior. Advanced stair lighting is a completely new quality compared to traditional light sources, which are not always effective in the stairwell. Thanks to LED strips, controllers and motion sensors, we get lighting that will turn on when it's needed.

Led stair lighting is an excellent choice not only for living rooms, but also office, industrial or warehouse. It is not only of excellent quality, functional or long-lived, but also energy-saving. LED lighting does not take a lot of energy from the electricity grid, which can be almost automatically noticed at the first electricity bill. Choosing LED lighting based on intelligent controllers, we can be sure that we will receive high quality and the possibility of significant savings for many years.

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