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Stair lighting

LED lighting for stairs by RESTAN company: complete sets containing ready-to-install components - LED stair interior lighting sets: hotels, apartments, houses, restaurants, etc. in stair sets, professional motion sensors that automatically detect movement at the entrance and exit of the stairs.

RESTAN stair lighting sets

RESTAN stair lighting is sold in dedicated sets, each set contains elements adapted to the number of stairs and the width of the stairs. The customer can choose the color of the stairs illumination: warm white, cold white, blue, red, green, yellow.


Special sets offered on customer's request contain RGBW or RGB strips and allow lighting of stairs in many colors


Each customer can optionally choose aluminum profiles for their stairs that best match the installation conditions on their stairs

Surface or profile milling profile

Profile for mounting in a milling cutter

Angle mounting profile

The set is easy to install and allows each user to install the stair lighting themselves

We also offer a set preparation service by soldering the right length of cables to the LED strips - this streamlines and speeds up the assembly process at the customer's
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Stair lighting

Aluminium profiles, channel, LED extrusions

Stair fixture, staircase spot

Staircase motion sensorr, motion sensor and twilight motion sensor

Led strips

Power supply, LED drivers

LED fixtures

LED dimmer, LED controllers

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