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LED bulbs is the latest technology and innovation in lighting. They combine energy efficiency, perfect design and functionality in use LED bulbs charge only a few watts of power outclassing competitors in the competitors. Neither incandescent or fluorescent lamps are not able to match them. Another advantage is the possibility to choose the color of light in both warm white, neutral white and cold. Some models are offered the opportunity to work with dimmers which further increases their use. You can use them as decorative lights as well as in our main place of work or rest.
You care about the environment? Thinking about the future of their children and grandchildren? If so, LED bulb is the natural choice for you - it is environmentally friendly unlike fluorescent lamps LED bulbs do not contain mercury - a very dangerous carcinogenic element. In the production of LED bulbs used substances which, when they reached the end will be disposed of and re-use. LED technology uses the best means efficiency. LED lamps are light and not heat up. Bulbs compared to traditional incandescent bulbs emit virtually no heat. Absorbed energy is converted to light energy rather than heat. LED bulbs with GU10 and MR16 threads easily replace previously used by the State in cabinets and ceiling halogen.
Often the bulbs burn you? Probably. How to read exactly what is written on the packaging, it turns out that the standard bulb shines approximately 1000 hours, fluorescent about 6000 hours, with its life also reduces the switching on and off. How to deal with the undoubted disadvantage? LED bulb eliminates these disadvantages: extremely long life. LED bulbs, life of all our LED products is not less than f 25,000 hours of work and more than 10,000 cycles turn off. That can not offer or incandescent bulbs or fluorescent lamps. LED bulbs with lenses let you choose the angle of employment to the place of use. LED bulbs are available in different color temperatures - warm white, neutral white and cold.
Incandescent and fluorescent bulbs very easily replace the LED. We offer turnkey solutions with standardized socket: LED E27, LED E14, LED GU10, LED MR16, LED G4, G9 LED. There is no need dimensions previously used luminaires. When changing halogens 12 V LED bulbs advise changing the transformer. Suitable power LEDs are of course available in our offer.

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