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Lighting of the stairs - intelligent controllers

Lighting of the stairs - intelligent controllers
Lighting of the stairs - Smart staircase controller

Looking for optimal solutions in lighting the stairwell, it's hard to pass by to the proposal intelligent lighting management systems. The combination of modernity and tradition, provides an easy way to enjoy the unique atmosphere.
Using the controller stair lighting system obtain appropriate visual and aesthetic effect. The multitude of combinations and available light sources makes it possible to configure the system according to the final investor's expectations.



Stair lighting, stair lamps

When constructing stairs at home, it is also worth remembering about stylish accessories. Stair lighting is a product that not only increases safety, but also improves the aesthetics of stairs. By choosing stair lamps, you can improve the appearance of the stairs and thus the entire interior. Thanks to the lamps, individual steps can be illuminated, which will create a unique aesthetic effect, especially after dark. Our store offers a wide selection of floor lighting from renowned manufacturers. For customers from Budapest and the surrounding area, we offer floor lighting that is characterized by high quality workmanship and refinement down to the smallest detail. In our store, you will choose the best solutions that will help diversify the decor and increase the functionality of the stairs.
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Stair lighting does not have to be a hassle and you do not have to remember to systematically integrate the entrance to the stairs or after dusk. Thanks to modern methods of lighting the stairs whenever you can forget about turning on and off lights. Stairs will illuminate themselves when the need arises. Stair lighting based on intelligent controllers and diodes, light bulbs and luminaires led an excellent alternative to traditional light sources. Ordinary ceiling lamps, floor lamps and even on the steps do not work, because the light that they give, do not fall evenly. This is quite different in the case of LED lighting, so that each stage is illuminated in the same way.

Intelligent solutions not only for residential buildings

Lighting solutions based on the latest technologies enjoying growing popularity among users around the world. They are effective and reliable, and one hundred percent safe.

LED lighting increasingly inclined to choose both the owners of houses and persons managing public buildings. Kits for LED lighting are perfect for cinemas, theaters, restaurants, hotels, and wherever it is necessary to correct the lighting passageways and stairs. Reasons such great popularity of LEDs and LED bulbs are at least a few. First of all - they are energy efficient, operate at a low voltage and consume very little network of electricity. A small voltage is also an increased level of security - there is no risk that the user in any situation will be electrocuted.

Effective in all weather conditions

What's more, LED light bulbs LED lit at full power immediately after switching on, you do not need time to start and warm up, as it happens in the case of traditional lamps. After replacing the usual lighting LED lighting they are almost immediately apparent savings in the form of lower electricity bills. LED lighting is also much longer life and durability of lighting. Lamps or LEDs, even many years after attaching function flawlessly. They are resistant to mechanical damage and run regardless of weather conditions. Even the lighting installed outside shall verify flawlessly. Rain, wind, frost or heat - when the weather is not conducive to all the elements of lighting led staircase will operate smoothly.

Combining functionality with exceptional aesthetics

The offer brand Restan you will find only the highest quality, intelligent controllers for lighting staircase, which can easily be combined with other lighting elements. The controller can be adjusted to match its sensors and matching tape led, led light bulbs or fixtures. The driver is the foundation, which can fit a whole lot of other elements. If you are looking for a reliable and functional lighting, please contact us. We are happy to advise on the selection of appropriate accessories and so that all admired her appearance. We realize that a well-chosen sets of lights not only illuminate the interior, but also can be its unique decoration. Tapes LED bulbs and fixtures led to the solution, which in any room will look sensational, both in the twilight, and in total darkness.

Dedicated to the different amount of stairs

LED lighting and intelligent controllers to check for various kinds of steps, regardless of the number of stages or the type of material from which they were made. A few stairs leading to the garden and a large staircase leading to the next floor - no matter how many degrees to the light, modern and intelligent controller can cope with any number and make the lighting will work flawlessly. Drivers are available for a few or several steps. Each device is designed to work flawlessly with the number of steps, for which it is dedicated.

Smart controllers for lighting staircase to a wide range of solutions that can be perfectly tailored to the individual needs of each user. Each controller is a top-class device with high durability and resistance to damage. It works perfectly with appropriately sized sensors that capture the changing business environment and provide information to the tape led to their basis enable or disable the lighting of stairs.

Many programming options

The controller can be programmed in any way, so that the lighting in the home or outside the home will always be operated so as to provide comfort. The controller can be programmed in such a way as to turn on the light at a particular time or after dusk, and when someone comes up the stairs. You can also program the device to the lighting on the stairs went along with the user - lights in front of him will be lit, and the back will be extinguished. Solutions are quite a few - there are endless possibilities to program the device. What's more, you can also program the lighting of stairs to shine only the extreme points on each stage.

Switching on and off almost on cue

Thanks to the intelligent controller schodowemu light can not just turn on and off, but also change the intensity level. When the stairs are used, diodes, or LED bulbs light up at full power, while in the rest of the time, they remain in standby mode, the light is much darker, muted and often barely noticeable. Thanks to intelligent controllers is also possible to adjust the time of lighting and extinguishing of the light. Lighting can fade so soon after, as you come down the stairs, but it might as well shine still for several seconds or several minutes. Selection of specific settings, the person who will be programmed the controller.

Ideal as a complement to an external staircase lighting

Intelligent drivers for turning on and off lights staircase without having to manually control it. Everything is done automatically based on the information appropriately pre-programmed in the controller. Users do not have to worry that after leaving the house forgot to turn off the lights on the stairs - it will go off exactly the same after all this time, and how it has been programmed. No need to also worry that after dark will be difficult to reach safely into the building. If the lighting is a stair on the staircase leading to the building or to the garden, it is particularly important to ensure safety of users moving over them in the dark. Thanks to the lighting reacts to the decline in the intensity of light bulbs or LEDs switch on automatically exactly when necessary.

Simple to install, easy to use

All offered by our company intelligent controllers are very easy to install and program. For each product, add a bright and clear manual, which helps you yourself step by step program the lighting in your home according to your needs. We only Polish drivers the production of the highest quality, excellent functionality and long service life. Drivers are virtually indestructible and provide a seamless and trouble-free operation of the lighting for many years. So this is a one-off investment, which allows the use of this source of light during virtually unlimited. The driver can, if necessary, easily reprogrammed for other settings.

Power amplifier increases the possibility of

The offer intelligent controllers is also a special power amplifier, which allows to extend the lighting system with additional elements. With this element you can create the stairwell or the front door of an interesting effect aran? Acyjny. With the end of the power to the staircase lighting can be connected to additional bulbs or LEDs, which can be attached to railings or passageways leading directly to the stairs. Such lighting is primarily a great additional source of light that illuminates the interior very well. But it is also interesting element of interior design. Thanks to your amplifier can enhance the decor and mood of the room only by a skilful use of light. Power amplifier in no way restricts the lighting project, on the contrary - it allows them to expand and also increases the efficiency of the entire lighting in terms of power. By investing in the power amplifier you have a number of opportunities to use additional light sources.

The highest quality and reliability guarantee

All our intelligent controllers and additional accessories are top quality products that meet the exacting standards imposed this kind of devices. They are safe, functional, and reliable. Programming the driver to take such action lighting that will appeal to most users. Each available in our driver will deliver to you with a warranty - so in case of any problems with the device, you can count on fast, professional and hassle-free replacement or repair faults in the device.

If you need a proven driver, we invite you to get acquainted with our products. We are pleased to advise you and set fire

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