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Made-to-measure aluminum profiles ▷ That's why aluminum is a worthwhile profile type

Aluminum profiles are used very frequently in industry and trade. The material properties of aluminum offer so many advantages that they are used very often as standard profiles or as special profiles. Since the material is inexpensive, many products can benefit from its use.

The low weight ensures cost-effective transport. In addition to easy processing, preformed profiles also offer the advantage that, as standard components, they are cheaper than custom-made products. Standard parts are cheaper to buy and easy to replace when repairs are made. If you can then get the coveted aluminum profiles cut to size, then you save costs for cutting, for any waste and for transport.

These advantages of using aluminum profiles in turn make trading in the parts lucrative and the offer becomes more attractive for consumers due to the corresponding competitive situation on the market.


Material properties of aluminum

Aluminum is light, weighing just 2.7 grams per cubic centimeter. This makes the metal a comparatively feather-light material when you look at other metals. Due to the small oxide layer, which is described as very stable, it is weatherproof, protected against corrosion and very resistant to UV radiation.

Aluminum is tough and easily machined. The material is always recyclable and shows no reduction in quality. Due to the excellent material properties, it requires surprisingly little maintenance and very rarely needs to be replaced. There are therefore no immense costs for repairs and maintenance.


Areas of application for aluminum profiles

Aluminum profiles are used in a wide variety of applications. They can be found, for example, in window frames, trade fair construction systems, tent poles, shower stalls, electrical supplies, rotary clothes dryers, roller shutters, greenhouses, vehicle technology, in production facilities, in furniture and on shelves.

The robust profiles provide the light and stable framework for many products. The long service life of the profiles is convincing again and again. The purchase of aluminum profiles is essential for many branches of industry and for craft businesses. The need is constantly increasing.


Which aluminum profiles are there?


Aluminum profiles come in a wide variety of designs. The most common are:

• U-profiles
• T-profiles
• Z profiles
• Flat profiles
• Angle profiles
• H profiles
• Groove profiles
• Special profiles

If you need custom-made products, you can also get specially made aluminum profiles from the manufacturers, but these then cost a little more than the profiles usually offered. Profiles of any shape can be produced by converting the production facilities and any new devices manufactured by the toolmakers. Anyone who can use standardized profiles should definitely prefer this for cost reasons.

The effort involved in manufacturing special shapes of aluminum profiles is always expensive. If you want to have the special profiles made, you should definitely get cost estimates from several companies. When it comes to placing an order, it is important for the customer and the manufacturer to work together so that the profiles with the specifically desired properties can also be produced with a precise fit.

The customer determines how large a groove should be or how an angle on the profile should be. The coordination of the production is necessary for a good quality of the custom-made aluminum profiles. For these orders, it is essential that there is a precise drawing with dimensions and a sample showing the cross-section of the profiles.


Custom-made products with the demand for maximum accuracy


There are companies that produce profiles of any size. High-quality profiles in very thin versions or precision profiles for research, for precision engineering or for measurement technology. These thin profiles are very sensitive to pressure. must function precisely and fit precisely into moulds.

The demands on fine profiles are constantly growing on the world market. Commissioning such a precision company again requires good cooperation between customer and manufacturer so that all needs are covered. Modern production facilities can be converted to a different size at any time if they specialize in it. The very precisely working machines can process quantities of aluminum and complete an order quite promptly.

Double rails, C-profiles or railing profiles are just examples of what a custom-made product can look like. The best thing to do is to ask the manufacturer directly if you have a need. Whether you need furniture handles, aluminum tubes in different diameters or other forms of aluminum rails, you can buy everything on the market.


Cutting the aluminum profiles

No matter which aluminum rods you want to buy from the manufacturers, you can have almost any shape made. Square bars, partition wall profiles or round bars, the manufacturers already offer a range of goods and services on their websites. The advertisement promises fast delivery. A configurator is often used on the website, with which you can create your individual profile.

After the order has been placed, it goes straight into production. Therefore, a very precise development of the profiles is important. If you are not sure, you should definitely talk to customer service before ordering. You can get free advice on the aluminum profiles, their production, use and cutting. Help with the creation of the profiles is also offered. Anyone who has not yet placed an order on such a website can easily get help.


Aluminum profiles cut to size

Cutting the profiles to size makes a lot of sense, both for hobby craftsmen and for industry. Anyone who only buys the dimensions that are then used saves material and time that would otherwise be wasted cutting individual parts. The exact cut supplied by the manufacturer requires less preparation during the actual assembly.

The profiles can be processed quickly if the cuts are of good quality. The interfaces must not be pinched or have a burr. Since the profiles are often designed as rails for mechanical constructions or as an assembly system, a very precise fit is important.

You should have the permitted deviations from the cutting dimensions confirmed so that there are no problems with the fit of the parts. How much tolerance is allowed on the cuts makes a big difference when shopping. Very precisely manufactured profiles are often slightly above average in price, but they are worth the cost. If you want to build precise parts, you cannot plan with large deviations in the profiles.


Fast delivery of the goods


The rapid production and fast delivery of the goods offer a satisfaction guarantee even for demanding buyers. The order is only a few days in the works, even for large batches of profiles. If you buy standardized profiles, you will get your goods even faster, because there may be warehousing in the area.

The cutting is then completed promptly and the shipment is on its way. A freight forwarder will be used for very large items. This delivers to the front door or to the company. In any case, you save a lot of time by hiring these professional companies.


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